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Budget Web Hosting: Is It Worth the Buck?

Today there are plenty of companies offering budget web hosting. These are the ones whose rates usually don’t go beyond $6, making them super-affordable especially by small and home-based business…

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When to Use Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

VPS (virtual private server) hosting plans are unique because, while they are similar to shared hosting plans in that they split a web server amongst many webmasters, instead of splitting…

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The Transition from Shared Hosting to the Cloud

Igor Seletskiy of CloudLinux recently gave a presentation on the move from shared web hosting to cloud hosting. During his presentation he focused on specifics element of CloudLinux that are…

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Keeping Your Website Free of Malicious Scripts

Most webmasters understand the importance of protecting their personal computer from viruses, as a compromised operating system is the first security flaw that often leads to stolen hosting credentials and…

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Web Hosting and its Types

Web hosting is the facility where more than one website resides. It is a facility for all the Internet users as they upload their websites on the web host server…

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Different Types of Web Hosting

With the way the whole world has gone internet inclined these days, people now realize having a web presence is a necessity and not a luxury. Having a website is…