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When to Use Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

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VPS (virtual private server) hosting plans are unique because, while they are similar to shared hosting plans in that they split a web server amongst many webmasters, instead of splitting the entire server, they give each webmaster their own partition or segment of the server. This unique resource allocation structure gives each webmaster access to powerful server partitions that can be expanded based on the size and capabilities of the specific VPS hosting plan. For this reason, VPS hosting is one of the most diverse hosting types available, with plans ranging in cost from $10 to more than $200 per month. In fact, many VPS hosting plans cost just as little as a shared hosting plan. So how do you know when to use a cheap VPS hosting plan?

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Experiencing Persistent Downtime

While the VPS and shared hosting environments are similar, the shared hosting environment is known for experiencing the most downtime, as the way that server resources are allocated to each individual webmaster makes the server susceptible to being overloaded with requests if too much bandwidth is consumed. Thus, if you currently are utilizing a shared hosting plan and you are experiencing persistent downtime, you may want to consider upgrading to a cheap VPS plan. If you are still noticing downtime, then you may want to consider changing your hosting provider, or upgrading to a more comprehensive VPS hosting plan or dedicated hosting plan.


Limited Startup Funds

While most people would say that shared hosting is cheaper than VPS hosting, this is not entirely true, as the start up costs of cheap VPS hosting plans are actually lower than that of shared hosting plans. This is because most web hosts require at least a year’s payment in advance for a shared hosting plan, meaning a plan that costs five dollars per month, would actually initially cost $60 (plus any applicable set up fees). On the other hand, most VPS hosting providers allow you to pay on a monthly basis, so even if the plan cost $30 per month, the initial startup cost would be half that of a very cheap ($5 per month) shared hosting plan. If you’re not sure about the success of your planned online endeavors, you may want to save startup capital by choosing a cheap VPS hosting plan, rather than a shared plan.

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Preparing for Simplified Expansion

VPS hosting plans also allow the webmaster to easily expand into larger server partitions on a month-to-month basis, especially cloud VPS plans, which utilize a network of servers and supply infinitely expandable resources to a large group of webmasters. If you believe that your network of sites could expand rapidly and you may need to expand suddenly, then a cheap VPS hosting plan will give you an affordable solution that is also capable of meeting your expanding needs on an ongoing basis. Cloud VPS hosting plans allow for especially simple expansion, as you only have to pay for the server resources that are used within the billing cycle, and you are allowed to use a practically unlimited amount.


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    I personally think that the VPS solution fits best for small business or companies because the 1st investment you made is a bit delicate and troublesome . I use a cheap VPS right now for one of my websites and I’m very pleased and I can’t say the same thing about a shared hosting ( I had alot of problems with some providers ) .

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