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Seamless Communications with SharePoint Hosting

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Over the years, Microsoft has introduced a number of solutions that empower computer and internet users to make the most of emerging technologies.  One of its latest tools is SharePoint.  For those who are not familiar, this article will explain why SharePoint hosting could be the answer for your mobile communications needs.

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise-level information portal designed to run on internet, intranet and extranet sites.  The current version of the software, SharePoint Server 2007, simplifies the process of communicating with contacts, members of your team and key personnel.  The team can stay up to date with special alerts that give notification on the addition of new documents, while users can communicate through mediums that range from audio and video to email and instant messaging.  With SharePoint hosting, you get the backing of a professional hosting provider with the knowledge and infrastructure to effectively maintain all the technical aspects.

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SharePoint Features

The SharePoint server offers a variety of features that cater to your community of users.  It includes discussion forums where team members can exchange ideas and also allows you to target certain audiences so members can receive messages specifically pertaining to them.  Additionally, the software is integrated with several lists that can be used for sharing contacts, tasks and announcements.  SharePoint lets you create lists for virtually whatever data you need to share.  You can also create document and photo galleries specific to your projects, each of which can be quickly and easily searched by your team members.

Integration and Enhancements

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SharePoint makes it easy to create new sites and perform all the necessary administrative tasks.  You can set permissions that allow team members to modify certain areas of the site to suit their own preference all without affecting the information available to other users.  The best thing about SharePoint hosting is that it integrates seamlessly with various applications in the Microsoft Office suite.  For example, address books and calenders can be directly imported from Outlook while news sites can be designed and edited with the FrontPage client.  Teams familiar with the Office environment will have an easy time with SharePoint.  The server can be accessed any time from any internet connection, allowing users from around the globe to share information and stay current with the network.

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SharePoint hosting offers benefits to small companies, large corporations and non-business organizations looking for more effective ways to keep members informed.   With the right service, you get a solution that can be easily scaled to meet your growing needs.  The system is extendable and can be enhanced through modules that allow you to implement new features into existing sites.  Known as Web Parts, these modules can be used to manage different aspects of your data or enhance the look and feel of your sites.  You also have the option to choose from the nice selection of templates provided by Microsoft.  Regardless of the size of your business, SharePoint can streamline the process to simplify critical tasks and maximize efficiency.


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    Microsoft SharePoint definitely simplifies communications and collaboration for corporations and SMEs. However, I wouldn’t necessarily call it “seamless” communication. SharePoint is a great, extensible platform that enables ALL kinds of great business and productivity software. But its extensibility also means complexity. For most companies using SharePoint- either SP2010 or 2007 versions- the platform is going to require dedicated support.

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