Managed vs Unmanaged Web Hosting

Although dedicated hosting plans are one of the most expensive web hosting options, many people still prefer it over other solutions due to it’s high reliability and flexibility. With dedicated hosting you’ll have access to a dedicated server that provides all of the resources needed to operate a massive website with immense daily traffic. Dedicated hosting plans offer superior bandwidth, disk space, and data transfer speed, as your server’s resources are dedicated solely to your website. This ultimately results in improved website performance and overall customer satisfaction.

Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

While the benefits of a dedicated web hosting account are clear, many people are not aware of the various types of dedicated hosting. The two types of dedicated hosting plans are managed, and unmanaged, and the main difference between these two hosting types is the amount of responsibility the user has over server administration. To give you a better understanding of your choices, we’ll do a brief review of both kinds, so that you can make an informed decision as to which service would be most suitable for your website(s).

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Managed Hosting

With managed web hosting you’ll be able to relax with complete assurance that your web server is going to be maintained by professionals on a regular basis. This means you won’t have to worry about server downtime as much, and you’ll have access to a more reliable server. This is especially true if you’re a novice in server management, as you’ll most likely be unable to manage the server with equal competence to that of your web hosting provider. Since your server will be managed by your hosting provider, you’ll have instant access to automatic server updates, which will keep your server performing optimally at all times. Managed web hosting is an optimal solution for novice and intermediate users.

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Unmanaged Hosting

With all of the aforementioned benefits of managed hosting, it would seem as if there is absolutely no reason to choose unmanaged web hosting, however there are some noted benefits, and your final decision should be based on your experience level and overall site needs. Although most of the server administrative tasks will be left up to you, you will have ample help and support to facilitate the management at all times.

You will also receive hardware and technical support, so it’s not as if you’re managing the server completely by yourself. If you run a large business, and you have access o a team of technicians, then you may want to choose unmanaged hosting, you’ll be able to create a more customized server environment. Although unmanaged hosting would not be a suitable solution for a novice user, an owner of a corporation or many websites may want to consider he added benefit of complete server control.

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Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two is the price. Since unmanaged web hosting gives you more responsibility over your server, you’ll be able to pay less. Managed web hosting will always be a more costly solution since you’ll essentially be paying for the technical expertise of your web hosting company on a continual basis.

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