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Are Secure Servers, Applications Really at Risk from GnuTLS “Hello” Vulnerability?

Security experts and researchers have found a risky vulnerability in GnuTLS, a secure communications library for SSL, TLS and DTLS protocols and associated technologies, which has experts frantically urging users to update GnuTLS. According to a bug description, posted by Bugzilla Red Hat, “a flaw was found in the way GnuTLS parsed session IDs from ServerHello messages of […]

Premium Web Hosting and Security Features Available in the Public Domain

Namesco recently announced discounts of up to 50 percent on premium web hosting products that greatly add professionalism to websites of all sizes. Since the transmission of data, especially payment information, has become a major issue to the online consumer, a solution had to be developed. In a short amount of time, SSL (Secure Sockets […]

Is SSL Essential for eCommerce Sites?

As the number of eCommerce websites grows, the security software must improve to protect webmasters from hackers acquiring sensitive customer information. One such technology is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which permits the site administrator to transfer the contents of web pages to visitors over a secure protocol (HTTPS versus HTTP). One example of this technology […]

Three Ways Web Hosting Providers Secure E-Commerce Transactions

E-commerce has been contributing to the global economy significantly during the past decade, as more business owners and entrepreneurs look to build their own online empire. As the Internet continues to grow, and more people start to use the Internet, companies in all industries are beginning to compete heavily for customers on the World Wide […]

The Benefits of Using Multiple Domain Hosting for E-Commerce

The keys to being successful with an online business are diversification, diligence, and persistence. Unfortunately, a single revenue stream is often not enough to create a full-time income, especially if you are depending only one website. Most successful online entrepreneurs continually expand their network of websites by building new sites and entering new niches on […]

e-Commerce Hosting: What You Need, What You Don’t

If you’re looking for a specialized web hosting service that caters to entrepreneurs seeking an online e-commerce endeavor, then consider opting for an e-commerce hosting package.  While many believe a standard web hosting plan will suffice to operate an online business, soon they reap a harvest of profits. e-Commerce Tools To be taken seriously by […]

Web Hosting Security – Difference Between SSL, TLS and SSH

One of the most important aspects of web hosting security is the protocol that is used to transfer files from the web server to a visitor’s computer. This is especially true for web sites that frequently engage in eCommerce activity. Understanding the various types of web hosting security protocols can help you build discretion when […]

Ecommerce Site Building Checklist

Building an eCommerce web site involves many aspects, most of which are overlooked by the novice webmaster. Building a checklist before you build a web site can help you create a site that is enjoyable for your visitors, and profitable for your business. Gradually understanding the construction of a successful eCommerce site is the best […]

VeriSign Releases Another New Safety Measure

VeriSign and RatePoint have teamed up to develop the SafeSender Email Program. This allows RatePoint customers to improve click-through rates, build better relationships with customers and ultimately increase profits by adding the VeriSign Trust Logo to all customer correspondence. The seal verifies that customers can buy, trade, browse and now communicate under a secure umbrella. […]

Web Hosting For Online Businesses – Dedicated vs. eCommerce

Establishing and operating an online business requires knowledge, skill and perseverance. However, even with the right mindset and skill set it is impossible to succeed without tools and resources. In order to ensure the optimal functionality of your website you’ll need access to a powerful web server that can transfer data to hundreds of computers […]

How to Set Up an Online Store Quickly and Easily

The online retail market presents a plethora of unique advantages for aspiring internet entrepreneurs. However, the process of building, operating and marketing an online storefront can be a complex and tedious one  that involves the use of many tools and resources. Fortunately, there are web hosting plans designed specifically to aid in the construction and […]

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