Premium Web Hosting and Security Features Available in the Public Domain


Namesco recently announced discounts of up to 50 percent on premium web hosting products that greatly add professionalism to websites of all sizes. Since the transmission of data, especially payment information, has become a major issue to the online consumer, a solution had to be developed. In a short amount of time, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates were released which provide protection for eCommerce.

Professional Security Discount

Unfortunately in the past the cost of SSL certificates has prohibited many smaller websites. Therefore, the 40 percent discount on the professional security layer offered through Namesco Summer Sale will greatly assist many businesses. These certificates guarantee that sensitive information like credit card and banking details are transferred through the user to the website in an encrypted manner.

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Also, the certificates protect against online fraud, phishing and other nefarious activities by confirming the identity of the server and website connected to by the user. There are three tiers of SSL certificates from Geotrust, the world’s second largest digital certificate provider, each of which is included in the sale.

Search Engine Submission Discount

Also, Namesco is offering an automatic search engine submission service known as Hypersubmit. Although basic web hosting packages can put any old website online, they are not automatically identified by search engines. Therefore, Hypersubmit ensures new websites are indexed by hundreds of search engines from around the world. The software is available at a 40 percent discount and is guaranteed to be seen by those browsing online.

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Email Service Discount

Additionally, premium email costs can be extremely high. Luckily, Namesco is offering a 50 percent cost reduction with all five of their email services. Since organizing, accessing, sending, receiving and synchronizing emails across many computers is critical for most eCommerce, the price reduction will be extremely helpful. Startup businesses can utilize the professional email service giving them a major edge over similar companies.

Namesco Company Information

Founded in 1996, Namesco has been involved in a variety of business purchases such as the acquisition of and NDO Limited. Namesco is an industry-leader in web hosting, domain registration and broadband services.

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Discounts on any product or service are excellent. However, Namesco is offering major discounts on expensive website hosting products in which small businesses could never afford. The Summer Sale is likely to attract many more customers to purchase their products.

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