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Linux Web Hosting – What Makes it Click?

Linux Web Hosting is appropriately named.  Websites built using the Linux operating systems are said to be hosed on Linux, as simple as that! Some features of Linux web hosting make it a great choice for people looking to develop web sited to establish their presence in the expansive online markets. Linux allows users access […]

Managing Multilingual Documents

Vasont Systems recently released enhancements to its XML content management system (CMS) offerings. The new version, Vasont ST2.1, allows users to store multilingual content for retrieval and organization which delivers it to several media channels. The release significantly improves the system’s project management and editorial environments for all users and administrators of the software. System […]

How Content Management Systems affect Web Designers

Content Management Systems (CMS) are growing extensively around the internet. They allow a vast amount of storage with the addition of tremendous functionality and customization. CMS is the next step in separating design from structure. The system began with cascading style sheets (CSS) and advanced further as a result of XML. In the years ahead […]

A Closer Look at PHPCow

PHPCow is one of the many open-source content management systems powered by the widely used PHP language. This particular CMS is geared more towards users who want to create online magazines, newspapers, and news portals.  PHPCow offers the promise of being able to design and manage your content-rich site in simple drag-and-drop fashion, requiring no […]

Search Engine Optimization – XML Site Maps

In the never ending battle of increasing traffic to web sites, one of the more crucial elements needed to ensure success is the site map.  Exactly what is an XML site map?  How does one create an XML site map?  Answering these questions will enable us to create an XLM site map that search engines […]

The Vulnerability of AJAX Applications

When it comes to emerging web technologies, AJAX is leading the charge as one of the most dynamic tool sets on the development market.  Short for Asynchronous Javascript and XML, AJAX is attracting the attention of developers and businesses around the world.  Unknown to some, AJAX isn’t a programming technology like HTML or PHP, yet […]

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