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Managing Multilingual Documents

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Vasont Systems recently released enhancements to its XML content management system (CMS) offerings. The new version, Vasont ST2.1, allows users to store multilingual content for retrieval and organization which delivers it to several media channels. The release significantly improves the system’s project management and editorial environments for all users and administrators of the software.

System Enhancements

Vasont ST2.1 was released for licensing and SaaS on July 25th, 2011 with the following enhancements:

  • Preview
  • Versions
  • Annotations
  • Project management and workflow
  • Content configuration


In the new version, users will be able to preview content in a multitude of styles for different reasons. For instance, the preview feature can be used to highlight relevant content for specific departments to indicate the status or identify recently changed content. Also, users have the ability to easily navigate from various types of content to related content in a tree view.

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Version Compare is an internal function that allows users to apply specific formats based on individual preference. This includes change bars to indicate the differences between two versions of content allowing for easy identification of changes made over a specified time period.


Annotations allow users to collaborate with others from a popup window. Also, the Annotations Report gives users complete information with regards to the status of selected content. Annotations is one of the best features for communication and reporting.

Project Management and Workflow

For project-level and task-based information, project management and workflow captures and sorts projects for improved tracking capabilities. The permissions given to managers in active workflows have expanded allowing for more flexibility to adjust business processes.

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Content Configuration

The collective enhancements to the CMS give administrators access to creating and updating alias attributes much more quickly. Therefore, systematic configurations will be easier and more efficiently implemented.

The enhanced Vasont CMS was designed to improve productivity and effectively control costs allowing for multilingual technical documentation and other business information. The system features a single-source functionality which only stores the content once, increasing efficiency in the overall business process.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Vasont Systems provides XML content management software services and features over 60 years of industry experience. Since business is slowly becoming more global, it is important that all companies have systems that are multilingual. The latest version of the Vasont CMS captures a variety of languages to ensure it is easy to use by users across the globe.


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