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I heart Etsy

The Dawning of the Age of Etsy

“I spent the morning reorganizing my board on pinterest. I feel like I really accomplished something.” Those are the words of  the social media customer, your next customer. These are…

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SEO vs. Viral Marketing

Todays it seems there are a million ways to generate web traffic, and everyone has their own opinion on which one works the best. Regardless of your standpoint, there is…

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Best Methods for Generating YouTube Traffic

Social media has become one of the best advertising mediums. With millions of users on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and YouTube, this is prime advertising real estate. YouTube is an entertaining…

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Understanding Your Community Hosting Options

You would be amazed at the amount of social networking and community software tools that are on the market today.  The immense popularity of MySpace, Facebook and YouTube has encouraged…

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Introduction to Video Hosting

Video hosting has become immensely popular due to the prevalence of video sharing community sites such as YouTube and MySpace.  If you have ever visited one of these sites, you…