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The Best Halloween Websites

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Speider Schneider
Speider Schneider
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Sure, Halloween is steeped in a bloody, sacrifice-filled celebration, but why can’t we just enjoy the fun-filled side of women in sexy Tellie Tubbies costumes, new cases of child diabetes, and dental nightmares. Yes, it’s a time everybody, awaits, mostly for the costumed fun, and not necessarily the Christmas merchandise that started appearing on store shelves two weeks ago, so why not enjoy? If you are a bit shy about venturing out tonight, then why not let the Halloween spirit come to you? The internet has tons of websites ready to scare, entertain, give tips for good eats, and pictures of all sorts of sexy costumes for women… and some for men!

Terror Feed

Start off with some horror films and clips. When some TV channels believe that films like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, and Misery, with Kathy Bates are “horror films,” you need to find the really scary horror stuff!

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Pumpkin Rot

A cool assortment of images, videos, history, and spooky sculptures.



Have you ever discussed how YOU would survive a deadly, zombie-filled outbreak? Well, the next presidential election may be a few years away, so get yourself ready by playing this part video-part horror film game.


Mostly Ghosts

Videos, pictures, stories and other oddities. Personally, I think “Mostly Ghostly” would have been a better name, but I won’t let that thought haunt me.


Jib Jab

If you have never sent or received a Jib Jab animated card, you are really missing out on the best, most innovative ecards around. Luckily, there is plenty of time for you to remember friends and family by creating and sending one of these cool ecards!



Handy DIY tips for a fun, spooky Halloween!


Horror Find

An aggregator of everything you need for Halloween scares, ghosts, movies , and more!



A great source for homemade Halloween decorations. Start saving those empty milk jugs!

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Ghost Study

Just sitting around, waiting for the doorbell to ring? Try watching one of these Ghost-webcams.


Funny or Die

Despite the name, this site is for every day of the year, but if you want the best videos, articles and pictures for Halloween, this is the place.


Digital Dudz

Got a mobile device? This company has a unique way to mix a costume with video on your device. Watch the video below…


Clever Costumes (via The Huffington Post)

Inspiration always comes from see what others do for their costumes. There’s still time to create your own and be on the streets tonight!


Cheap Halloween (vis U.S. News)

Some great tips for saving money on costumes, candy, decorations, etc. The American Express Platinum Card ad stings just a bit, sitting next to the subject matter.


Bloody Disgusting

Does the site name say it all? Actually, it’s fairly harmless with lots of fun, and scary stuff to entertain Boos and ghouls.

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IMBD 101 Scariest Movies

You may not agree with the ranking, but this Hollyweird site has some of the best fright fest films ever made, so if you can’t decide on what to watch, this site will give you plenty of choices… so many it will take you right through Thanksgiving.


Halloween Top 50

Halloween based computer games for all ages!


Creepy Pasta

It may be the same thing we called my grandmother’s pasta dishes, but this site has ghost and horror stories for every horror fan.


Flying Grim Reaper

What do you get when a comedian takes a frightening grim reaper costume and a remote control helicopter, combines them and terrorizes innocent bystanders? Hilarious heart attacks and soiled shorts!

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