The cPanel Advanced Menu

The cPanel software offers so many options that users have complete control and full customization over their website. The advanced menu within the interface provides a few important features that all website owners should learn and utilize in their website development.

The features in the advanced menu include

  • Apache Handlers
  • Image Manager
  • Index Manager
  • Error Pages
  • Cron Jobs
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • Network Tools
  • Support Requests
  • MIME Types

This option allows you to add and run Apache handlers which control the way the website is managing the Apache web server software’s file types and extensions. The Image Manager provides three tools that help with the management of images on your website. The Index Manager is important as it permits the configuration of the directory index. This is the appearance of the directory to the users while viewing.

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Error Pages are some of the most important functions to add to a website. When users receive an error, if your customized page is not displayed, it defaults to the web hosting provider. In turn this confuses the user and may drive them away. This Advanced Menu option allows you to create those customized error pages.

The Cron Jobs option allows you to schedule tasks for a specific time on the server of which cPanel offers two different interfaces for editing. The FrontPage Extension selection is simply to enable or disable this feature. Although Microsoft FrontPage has been phased out, it’s still widely used in the development community.

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Network tools are for retrieving network information from the server. The Support Request choice is an easy way to submit support requests as well as change your email address. Finally MIME types allow you to create specific MIME’s which relay information as to how to handle certain file extensions.

The popularity of cPanel is directly attributed to the numerous options and feature-packed nature of their software releases. With so many different options, the user has complete control over the creation and management of every aspect of their website.

As cPanel continues to offer industry-leading software to web hosting providers, their popularity and wide-spread use will continue to increase. Although there are other options available, they don’t offer the same functionality as cPanel software. The advanced menu is not one to be overlooked as it offers many vital options to the success of the website.

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