The Launch of Cloud Connection Centers

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The Launch of Cloud Connection Centers

Despite the skepticism that cloud computing is not secure, the cloud technology craze continues to spread across the web hosting industry. Recently, colocation hosting provider, Telx, launched new Cloud Connection Centers that will allow providers and users to securely connect to specific infrastructures. One major player in the cloud computing industry that has joined the Telx cloudXchange is SoftLayer Technologies.

IaaS Solutions

Telx will be able to provide its users within the connection centers with access to IaaS solutions, created by SoftLayer. Recently SoftLayer went live with an image repository to allow its customers access to a cloud template library.

The Relationship between Telx and SoftLayer

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Telx and SoftLayer have worked together on numerous projects over many years. This has allowed many organizations to expand their footprint throughout a variety of major markets in the United States by utilizing their interconnected services. The most recent partnership benefits both companies as well as the subscribing customers who require cloud services. Therefore, working closely with one another, the two companies are able to develop a strong community.

About the Connection Centers

A recent report indicated that the connections centers are physical platforms inside each of the 15 data centers owned by Telx. The locations will allow cloud providers to store their infrastructure thus allowing for connections by end-users. According to another press release, Telx cloudXchange will develop into a community of cloud computing providers, end-users and carrier networks that can allow quickly connect to any Cloud Connection Center.

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Advantages of the Centers

All centers will enable cloud hosting providers to select between different carriers should customer requirements change. As customers to Telx, SoftLayer has valued their colocation hosting solutions to ensure reliability, security and latency. SoftLayer is thrilled to be working with a company that provides reliability, adaptability and the power of their platform in a manner that can be relayed to all customers.

New Partners

The partnership has been created utilizing a hybrid delivery model which will expose new business prospects for Telx customers throughout numerous industries. Telx also recently announced that Voxel, a managed and cloud web hosting provider, has signed on to the cloudXchange program. Voxel selected the Cloud Connection Center on 111 8th Avenue in New York City.

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This service is going to significantly boost the number of customers using cloud hosting services while revealing that the web hosting type can be reliable and maintain performance in the right environment.

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  1. Amelia @ Ethical Hacking says:

    While cloud computing remains to be promising platform enablers, problems are lurking. Its inevitable clash with SaaS and security requirements is expected to arise.

    It would be great if cloud computing providers could publish information about energy consumption. With laws on regulatory reporting of energy consumption in the works, the cloud computing industry will be soon required to do this.