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Top 5 Tech Gifts for Kids

Believe it or not, technology has become so increasingly popular, there are tons of new tech toys and products that are being made for children. Children are becoming so much more tech-savvy than they once were just a few decades ago. If you have a child who loves tech toys, these top five selections would make the perfect gift giving idea for just about any child, age appropriate, of course.

1. LEGO 3MP Digital Camera


The LEGO digital camera is, by far, a popular choice for both boys and girls of an appropriate age to work an actual digital camera. The camera itself is composed of LEGO bricks but it actually works to take pictures. The camera is 3-megapixel and works well for fairly decent pictures. The camera itself can hold 80 pictures. This tech gift is recommended for children ages 7 and up. The original camera consists of various colored LEGO’s including colors of red, yellow, blue, and green. However, there is also a pink version of the digital camera for those who prefer the pretty color.


– Camera holds 80 pictures

– Camera equipped with flash

– USB cord allows photos to be placed on the computer

– 3-megapixel camera/1.5” LCD screen


– Very easy to use

– Compact and easy to carry

– Kids love it the look of it along with being able to snap their own pictures


– Picture quality is not very high

2. LeapFrog LeapPad


The LeapPad was designed to be an imitation of the iPad, which many adults use for web browsing, video watching, e-mailing, and more. The LeapPad is kid-friendly and perfect for children ages 3 and up. With the LeapPad, children can use interactive games to learn the alphabet, numbers, spelling, reading, and much more. It is not only a fun tech toy. It is also an educational toy that can be used for several years. Some of the character games that can be used on the LeapPad include Mickey Mouse, Cars, Toy Story, Dora The Explorer, and many other favorites.

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– Can hold over a hundred games as well as different apps and digital books

– Tons of games can be used with the LeapPad

– 2GB memory

– Equipped with Camera and Video Recorder

– Tons of curriculum offered at different levels


– Kid friendly

– The LeapPad is educational and can teach kids how to read, write, spell, and have fun with words and numbers

– Kids can take pictures and make their own movies using the camera or video recorder

– Kids can use their fingers or a stylus on the screen

– The LeapPad is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around


– The cost of the LeapPad is around $200+ which is just too expensive for some people

3. Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System


The Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System is a hand held device that is easy and convenient for kids to carry around with them wherever they go. This tech toy is perfect for children ages 3 and up. The toy comes equipped with a touch screen along with a QWERTY keyboard which introduces young children to the layout of keyboard and where the different letters are located. The toy comes in either blue and orange or pink and purple, so children will have their choice as to which color they want.

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– Handheld device

– Touch Screen AND QWERTY

– Compact, lightweight yet sturdy

– Compatible with tons of games


– Easy grip

– Easy to use

– Compatible with lots of fun games

– Educates children with various curriculum including math, reading, spelling, and much more.

– Affordable when compared to other similar products.


– The cost of the system is around $49.96 but each game must be purchased separately. Games can cost up to $19.99 which is a disadvantage to some people because they have to continuously put out the money for the games. However, the games are definitely well worth it.

4. Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet


The Innotab, much like the LeapPad, is a toy for children that resembles the style of an iPad. The learning tablet offers tons of different educational apps for children and can teach children how to read, spell, and learn math. The InnoTab is also compatible with e-books so that children can read from their learning tablet instead of a traditional book. This learning tablet also comes equipped with an MP3 player for music and a video player so that the child can watch videos.


– Touch Screen

– Includes 4 types of media players

– Compatible with memory cards

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– Tons of learning and educational games


– There are tons of games that can be used with this learning tablet

– Children can learn how to read, spell, and even write

– Easy to use and perfect for children ages 3+

– Engaging for children


– The cost of the learning tablet is around $79 which may be expensive for some. While it is costly, it is cheaper than some of its competitors and still has great reviews and ratings.

5. Vtech V.Reader


The Vtech V.Reader was designed to look much like the Kindle or Sony Reader. This E-book system allows children to read tons of different books without the hassle of having tons of books piled onto a bookshelf. This tech gift is perfect for children who love to read books and enjoy a good story. The stories are not just basic text, pictures and animations are also included to truly engage the attention of the children.


– Includes books and virtual games

– Durable for children

– Color screen

– Compatible with memory cards


– Great for children 3 and up

– Engages children and makes reading fun

– Teaches children to read with text and virtual games for excitement


– There isn’t really much of a disadvantage when it comes to this product. It is affordable, educational, and durable too.

These are just some of the best technology gifts for children. If you have a child or are buying a gift for a child, these are all some good gifts to consider.

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