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VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Plans – Finding an Ideal Plan

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Hosting plans come in many different flavors, from dedicated hosting to shared hosting, there is a plan for just about everyone. One type of hosting plan that is becoming increasingly popular is the VPS hosting solution, which stands for Virtual Private Server. This is a very good alternative to the standard shared hosting plans that give you an IP address that you must share with many other webmasters.

Sharing an IP address with other webmasters can be detrimental to the success of your website because if the other websites on your IP address get banned or deindexed from the search engine then you run the risk of having the same happen to you.

Many times the search engines view your website as being owned by the same entity if it hosted on an IP address with another site, especially if just two of those sites happen to link to each other. To prevent this from happening, many people have resorted to leasing dedicated and virtual private servers though dedicated and VPS hosting plans. Although these are definitely suitable solutions, there are still tremendous differences between various dedicated and VPS hosting accounts. The following information should help you decide which one is right for you and  how you can find one that will accommodate your hosting needs.

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Dedicated Hosting

dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting lets you lease a dedicated server that will only be used by you, meaning you’ll have access to more server resources. With a dedicated hosting account you are also given a dedicated IP address which you can host your site on and not have to worry about sharing your site’s IP address with negative websites that could impact your search engine rankings. Dedicated hosting accounts are the most popular solution for business owners.

VPS Hosting

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VPS hosting is very similar to a dedicated hosting account, however instead of having a server that is simply dedicated to your website’s needs, you’ll also be bale to configure the server as if it was your own. Many dedicated hosting accounts come with management options that let the user relax while the web host deals with server administration. Since VPS hosting does not include this kind of maintenance service, the cost of VPS hosting is usually much cheaper.

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How To Find a Good VPS or Dedicated Plan

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Finding a good hosting plan within either one of these hosting types is usually fairly simple. One way to find a good VPS or Dedicated hosting would be to search web hosting forums. There are web hosting forums where experienced members share hosting plans with each other and cheap web hosting companies come to place special offers. Often times you can find special discount coupons at these forums and you can find in-depth reviews form real people. Using this method you can find a good hosting account of any kind without having to take the risk of using an unreliable service.

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