How to Install CentOS Web panel(CWP) on CentOS 6

There are many open source control panel to run linux web hosting on the internet like ISPConfig, Webmin, Virtualmin and Open Panel. In this post, I want to share how to install CentOS Web panel (CWP) on CentOS 6. CentOS Web panel is a free Web Hosting panel designed for easy management of servers ( VPS & Dedicated ) without the need to use their expertise and knowledge in the linux command line and without SSH access to the server.

From the CWP official website, they do not provide uninstaller and reinstall the server to remove it. CWP should be install on the fresh CentOS operating system without any non-default configuration.

Follow the following step to install CWP on CentOS 6.6.

1. Install Fresh CentOS 6.6 with direct internet connection :
2. Allocate atleast 512MB RAM for 32 bit systems and 1024MB for 64 bit systems. In this example we will allocate 4GB RAM.

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3. Configure your server hostname :
a. Modify the hostname and reboot the server to take effect:

# vi /etc/sysconfig/network

a. Verify hostname :

[root@centos66 ~]# hostname

4. Update your server before begin. Reboot the server to take effect the changes :

# yum update -y

5. Install CWP:
a. Change directory to /usr/local/src/ directory:

# cd /usr/local/src

b. Download the installer via wget :

# wget

Or try the following URL if above url not working :

# wget

c. Start CWP installer

# sh cwp-latest

6. The installation will take up to 50 minutes, depend on your internet connection speed :


7. Once the installation completed, you will see the the screen below. In this case i leave mySQL root password blank.

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Press Enter to reboot the server.

8. Go to your browser and enter CWP ip address with 2030 port number. You will see login page as below. CentOS WebPanel Admin GUI at http://SERVER-IP:2030/

Username: root
Password: your server root password


9. You can start configure your CWP via dasgboard panel below. Get consult from official website, and the CWP forum to proceed the configuration.


10. You can start configure your CWP server and then start hosting your website.

  • Setup nameservers
  • Setup shared ip (must be your public IP address)
  • Setup at least one hosting package (or edit default package)
  • Setup root email
  • & now you are ready to host domains…
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11. Install Softaculous Apps Installer via command :

# /usr/local/src/ --quick
 Welcome to Softaculous Apps Installer

// 1) CONFIGURING universal.php
// 3) UPDATING Categories
// 4) UPDATING Scripts List
// 5) UPDATING Installed Scripts List

ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/local/cwpsrv/conf.d/softaculous.conf': File exists
cwpsrvd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using centos66.ehowstuff.local for ServerName
Congratulations, Softaculous was installed successfully
Softaculous has been installed at:
Path : /usr/local/softaculous
Scripts Path : /var/softaculous

We request you to please register for updates and notifications at :
It also inspires us when you register. Registration is free and just a one minute job.

If you need any support you can always count on us. Just drop in at our Support Board:
Alternatively, you can contact us via Email at

Thank you for using Softaculous


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