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About JustHost

JustHost, a renowned web hosting company, has been providing quality hosting services since 2008. JustHost strives to be number one when it comes to web hosting, and it's no surprise that the company has grown into one of the most recognizable hosting brands. Affordable hosting plans, secure servers, top-notch 24/7 technical support and a wide range of extra features make hosting your website with JustHost the logic choice.

Are you looking for cheap shared hosting? If so, then join the club! However, we aren’t just talking the kind of cheap hosting that leaves you out in the rain with a budget and no services. We’re talking about the sort of shared hosting that comes with a nearly unlimited list of features, numerous awards, a competent help desk, and a price tag that will make you and your board salivate. Now, are we all on the same page? If so, then may we humbly suggest one of our favorite shared hosting options currently on the market —

The company has been pumping out cheap and efficient shared hosting for about as long as we can remember, catering to the entry-level market while also offering a full roster of options for the seasoned veteran. We’ve got a lot to say about them, and if you’re interested, you can head on down below the break to view our whole roundup of their features and promises. We won’t pull your coat any longer, so without further ado, let’s dive right into the issues with a description of just who JustHost really is!

Who is JustHost?

If you’ve never heard of JustHost, allow us to be the first to break them into your sphere of influence. The company itself has given us a whopping ten reasons to consider them as our new web host, but we’ll try to keep things a bit briefer than that. First and foremost, JustHost offers a lot of cheap and reliable features aimed at getting the business and new-user crowd online. They’re aim is to provide stable services that anyone can use, as well as toolsets that enhance the web hosting experience of each and every account.

For instance, each account comes with a free domain, as well as the option to host an unlimited amount of domains. We can’t vouch for it ourselves, but JustHost also promises outstanding uptime, as they offer full 24/7 network monitoring for every square inch of the provider’s servers. Furthermore, they also offer the entire host of unlimited features that we look for in a company. There’s unlimited disc space, unlimited band width, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited transfers. The best part of all of this? JustHost comes with a low-price guarantee, ensuring that the price you lock into is industry comparable and competitive. And, as mentioned, the company also strives to provide consistently simple features that almost anyone can use to accomplish their web goals. Sounds like a bargain to us!

Guarantees, Awards, and Testimonial

One of the things that impresses us most about JustHost is the fact that they offer so many quality guarantees. We like a web host that’s capable of promising features, and though we’ve met quite a few that end up a little short at the end of the day, at least JustHost has the gumption to make us a few promises.

Headlining the list is JustHost’s Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Yes, you read that right. If at any point in time you decide to cancel your account, JustHost will refund the remainder of your term to you. This is nearly unprecedented within the web hosting community, and we love any company that can offers such a great guarantee. Then again, getting the tech support staff to actually hand you your refund may not quite be a picnic, but we’re willing to give JustHost the benefit of the doubt.

On another note, JustHost also promises that you will always be able to reach a real tech support agent with English fluency. Not a robot, not a computer, but a real living person who can help you with your problems. We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve spent aggravating hours talking to a robot system while our site has been down. With this in mind, JustHost strikes us a solidly optimistic way to go.

Oh, and it appears the company has been well-lauded for its efforts, too. They’ve won several awards over the years, but we’ll just give you the cream of the crop to chew on: They’ve earned the #1 Host of the Year for 2010 award from, as well as the Best Features Award in the same year. Then there’s the Editor’s Choice Award, as well as the #1 Pick Award from All in all, we’d say it’s safe to call JustHost an award-studded company. However, for the real dirt on any hosting provider, you’ll need to check out what their customers are saying. For that, we’ll just hand over some testimonial snippets:

We are a new start up business which means we’re trying to do as much as we can ourselves, including trying to develop a web presence. I have no experience in developing a web page and very little time to learn. Getting started has been easier than I expected thanks to the easy to understand tools and help menus. I believe we’ve made the right choice and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

I am new to and I must tell you, the quickness and willingness to help me get going is refreshing. From the billing department to the support department, every contact I have had with has been a pleasure. The thoughtful, caring, and professional service of the support staff was even available in the evenings and on the weekend. I am very impressed!

I received an email to advise I was being upgraded with all associated domains. Within 24hrs I had been moved from a UK server which had been OK, not brilliant but no major issues. The moment they pushed me to a server in Utah in the USA with no real notice or options I was taken offline because my sites were being hacked and used for phishing. For the last two weeks I have had to suffer the same daily process, I check all sites, I speak to Terms of Service which is -7 hours so I have to wait until lunchtime before even speaking to someone and finally after a few more hours and several calls my sites are back on line. That is until the next day and the process starts again, they have destroyed my client base, all ratings, rankings and credibility and all they seem to be interested in is getting you to answer the single customer service question at the end of the call that asks you if you would recommend them? God are they so stupid! I am absolutely blown away by the actions, attitude and chaos they caused, I am leaving ASAP, just got to migrate 50 sites out and I am gone forever and my task is to find and fill as many of these forums, blogs and sites as I can to warn people about the Justhost bunch of wasters. Please pay a bit more or do some serious reading but DO NOT TRUST Justhost.Com They have cost me a fortune is time, loss of earnings, lost clients, compensation, legal action threats and so on.

I’ve finally had it. Using a database slows down 10x my already slow site. Even a few static html pages time out constantly on JustHost. There are good hosts, there are mediocre hosts and then there’s JustHost… at the bottom of the barrel. I quickly discarded the possibility of thousands of users per minute hitting my site constantly.. causing it to slow down, since I alone am 90% of my website’s traffic. Good thing there’s only 1 month left on my service. I am out forever, never to see them again. Running any sort of interactive scripts that require a dbase or call for php will simply make your site explode with justhost.

I’ve been with them for a while now. Every so many days my server goes down for hours. The speed of the site was slow, so I ‘upgraded’ to the faster server. What a joke, it’s even slower most of the time. They were my first hosting company and I had no clue what a decent shared host was. I have tried another with the same ecommerce software. It runs 600% faster on the other server, even though Just Host support insists it is my program that I am running. Just host just sucks. I have moved from them now. Biggest Pro: Really cheap the first year til they double the price. Biggest Con: Cant keep their servers running which costs me money in lost sales.

Up until this point we’ve talked a lot about what JustHost has to say, but not a lot about what they have to offer. If you’re like us, you’re likely rearing at the gate to get all those nitty, gritty details. We wont’ tease you anymore! Just below you’ll find our full rundown of the web hosting and reseller plans that JustHost offers, including a comprehensive review of their plans, pricing, and features from the ground up.

The Shared Hosting Experience

To begin with, we have hardly ever seen a company that’s quite as open about its features as JustHost is. With a single click, the first time viewer is presented with a nearly overwhelming portrait of a company that offers an incredibly flush shared hosting experience. What exactly is in this experience? Well, to do that we’ll just have to start digging!

First thing’s first: What’s the pricing like with JustHost? We’ll cut to the chase and hand you the number—$3.75 a month. Yes, that’s a whole three dollars and seventy five cents a month, which is a price we’ve hardly seen elsewhere in the game. That’s less than the cost of a Starbucks latte per month, and for an entire heap of features: The likes of which we’re going to tell you about right now.

We’ve already mentioned the unlimited options, but just to be sure we got the message across, we’ll give you the lineup again. With JustHost you’ll get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited domains. This includes add-on domains, shared domains, parked domains, and subdomains. All of this adds up to a pretty solid performance, though we should mention that JustHost has one of those pesky usage policies: These are the sort that reserve the right to deem your usage “unreasonable,” charging you for capitalizing on the unlimited claims.

Take that for what it is, but we can’t deny that JustHost is rocking some pretty solid stuff across the board. First and foremost, you’ve got support for all the latest software and platforms. We’re big on content management systems, and we’re happy to see so many one-click options installed here. With a JustHost shared hosting account, you can install and set-up WordPress, Concrete5, Joomla, and Drupal in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for eCommerce ease, you can also add TomatoCart, osCommerce, and Magento to help smooth the process into existence. All of these are, of course, one-click installs powered by the latest edition of cPanel.

On the subject of other support, you’ve also got database cogency up to the roof. You’ll get unlimited MySQL databases for your WordPress and data storage needs, as well as CGI-BIN and CGI Library support. Not to mention PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL database server support. All in all, there’s not a platform we could find that isn’t supported and ready-capable with JustHost.

And to wrap things up, you will of course get the rest of the eCommerce solutions you’ve been wanting. There’s SSL Secure Server access, Agora Shopping Cart support, a free generated certificate, and password protected directories. For all your multimedia needs, you can of course stream video and audio with full support for Real Audio and Video.

The Technology at Work

When discussing the pros, cons, and features of any web hosting provider, we always make it a point to discuss the company’s hardware, too. The idea behind this is simple: If you haven’t got an handle on the technology the company is using to host your site, you may be selling yourself incredibly short. All the unlimited features in the world don’t make up for last decade’s servers, which is why we always work to bring the tech dirt to you.

With that in mind, JustHost appears to be doing quite well—at least in our book. They’ve got Dual Quad Processor Performance servers, and though we aren’t sure exactly what model those performance servers are, we’re willing to bet they’re pretty solid. Likewise, they’ve also got UPS power backups to protect you against surges, including a diesel generator onsite to prevent your site from failing in the event of an emergency.

Underneath the hood, they’re also running our beloved Linux platform. We’ve talked at length about the benefits of using a Linux server, and we’re tickled pink to see the OS here at JustHost. Add to that a full, customized Apache sever, 24/7 network monitoring, and daily courtesy backups, and you’ve got one solid set of technology on your hands. We’ll round it out by also mentioning that JustHost also supports multiple 10 gigabyte ethernet connections, powering your content and information to your users with even more speed than ever before. All in all, it’s an A+ for the hardware and tech out at JustHost.

Reseller Hosting Plans with JustHost

One of the hottest new things on the market these days is reseller hosting. We’ve talked a bit about it in the past, but for those not currently in the know, we’ll go ahead and give you a quick little recap.

Reseller hosting is essentially like leasing out an office building and then renting out the individual cubicles. This doesn’t happen much in real life, but it makes a lot of sense where web hosting is concerned. A user that wants to become a reseller with JustHost simply purchases on lease a portion of the company’s server banks, divvies up the space into individual accounts, and then loads the whole kit and kaboodle onto new user accounts. In this way, a person can acquire the server space and performance necessary to become a web hosting provider, but without having to fork over the mountain of money for real server banks, support staff, etc. If you become a reseller host with JustHost, your customers will have full access to the provider’s support staff and services, only with your name attached.

Okay, so all of that may sound pretty good, but is becoming a reseller host with JustHost really that great of an idea? What’s the performance like, and what kind of plans are they offering? Do dive into that issue, we’ll have to tuck in a bit deeper. We’ll start with the pricing, and then we’ll go up from there.

Firstly, JustHost offers a couple different pricing agreements based on your actual needs. There are three tiers custom-tailored to meet the demands of the casual reseller, as well as the heavy duty business magnate. These tiers are titled “Silver,” “Gold,” and “Platinum.” We’ll start with the lowest rate—Silver—and then move up from there.

With the lowest tier of reseller hosting, JustHost will charge you just $19.95 a month. This isn’t the lowest price we’ve ever seen for reseller hosting, but it’s also spot-on for what we’d expect. That means it’s a good deal, especially considering the features that come attached.

With each and every reseller account signed by JustHost, the user will get a whole host of unlimited features, including unlimited account capacity, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts, and even a free WHM Admin Control Panel. In other words, you’ll have a lot of performance to pass along to your customers as well as a convenient way to dictate from on high. Each tier also comes with an handy billing system and client management software. This makes it simple to collect your dues and to track your customers through the years.

All of that is fairly standard, though, so what do the actual specs look like? Well, for the Silver membership your reseller hosting dollars will earn you 100 gigabytes of disk space, 15 megabytes per second of bandwidth, and an unlimited number of domains. The next step up, the Gold option, earns you a bit more wiggle room: 250 gigabytes of storage, 25 megabytes per second in transfers, and the same unlimited number of hosted domains. All of this rings up to a fairly standard $49.95 a month.

However, it’s the Platinum tier that really gets our attention. For $85.95 a month—a price that’s a full ten bucks cheaper than we’ve seen just about anywhere else—you’ll earn yourself the ample space of 500 gigabytes in storage, 35 megabytes per second, and that all important unlimited hosted domains. With so much space, a reseller could easily divvy up the storage into a multitude of accounts, turning quite an impressive profit at the end of each month.

We’ll summarize things like this: At the lowest level, JustHost’s reseller plans are competent and comparable to what other companies are doing in the industry. At the highest level, they’re a nearly unbeatable bargain with a winning price tag attached. If you’re looking to get into the reseller world, you could certainly do a lot worse than with JustHost.

The Technical Assistance

At this point, we’d just like to take the time to talk at length about the technical support and assistance offered by the company. You see, no matter how good a shared web hosting provider is, there’s no chance that things will run smoothly all the time. We’ve always had problems with our shared hosting servers, and depending on the scenario, sometimes these issues have been rather drastic. Still, all of these issues can be smoothed over with a solid customer assistance program. Does JustHost have just such an offering? To find out, head on down below the break!

First, JustHost offers the full bevy of support options that we’ve come to expect from a competent web hosting provider. There’s Live Chat to help with all of your more passive needs, a feature we absolutely adore. Likewise, you can also call support or email them at any point in time for 24/7, 365 days a year assistance. This is a fabulous guarantee, as there’s nothing worse than having a site that’s down and a tech support staff that’s out on lunch, or gone for the night. Trust us, you just don’t want to be there.

Aside from that, JustHost also offers the kind of Help Center we’ve come to expect. Here you can open a support ticket to be answered (hopefully) quickly. You can also peruse the knowledge base if you’re willing to do a little hands-on repair. This base also serves as a tutorial hub for everything from how to install WordPress to how to set up your website. It’s a brilliant tool, and we can’t speak highly enough of JustHost for having it in place.

Common Customer Complaints

You should always take the time to read through our user-submitted reviews! We’ve got more data than anyone else on the Net, and if our users have had a problem, we can guarantee you’ll find a discussion about it here on the site. And of course, we also suggest you check out a few of our hosting favorites before signing any contract. For your convenience, we have compiled a summary of some of the harshest and most common customer complaints about JustHost.

Lately, we’ve been chugging away at the user reviews, combing through them to find some of the more common and show stopping complaints our users have submitted to us here at With each of these reports, we’ve been detailing some of the largest web hosting providers in the business. We’re not quite done exposing weaknesses yet, though: Today we’ll be covering one of the more popular (and cheap) shared hosting providers in the industry, JustHost. So whether you’ve been thinking about signing with the host, or are just curious to see how the stack up in our users’s eyes, then stick around! Jump on down below the break to catch an initial look at who JustHost is, followed immediately by a breakdown of the more common complaints and issues we’ve been hearing about from our readers.

In their own words, JustHost is a company that offers prices that are “incredibly competitive and include an extensive list of features, including unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains.” Sounds like a fair deal to us, as does the anytime money-back guarantee. JustHost is one of the few hosts we can name that will refund the money you would have spent on the rest of your hosting term, no questions asked. It’s a great way to do business, and if it actually pans out, it makes the $3.75 a month hosting plan seem less like a risk and more like a boon.

However, all of this can look fantastic on paper, but none of it would matter if the company’s actual performance is subpar. So on that note, what have our readers got to say about JustHost? To find out, keep reading just beyond the break while we button up the issue for you. Starting with:

JustHost Sales Problems

Unprofessional: This is a new one, or at the very least, we haven’t run across the complaint enough to call it common. Still, it seems quite a few of our users that have signed with JustHost are experiencing problems that we can only describe as unprofessional. It seems that JustHost will occasionally loose sensitive data, or not ring back a customer when they look for support. Furthermore, we’re also hearing reports that the company is sometimes a bit slow in a way that seems lazy, rather than bogged-down.

No Money Back: We’re saddened to hear this from our readers, but we can’t say we’re entirely surprised. It appears that quite a few of our reviewers have tried to cash in on the money back guarantee JustHost promises, only to find that their cancelation requests are never answered, or that JustHost simply won’t do the deed. This is quite disturbing news, especially if you had planned to bank on that guarantee as a bit of piece of mind.

JustHost Tech Support Problems

Hard to Understand: We’re all for a global village, but it appears that some of our readers have quite the devil of a time understanding the tech support representatives that JustHost has hired. We can only assume this side of the operation has been outsourced to a location other than the United States, and that the accents incurred there have been giving our English-speaking readers fits. Take this with a grain of salt, though: If you speak Hindi or have good ears, you won’t mind so much.

Nobody Home: On a more troubling note, we’re also hearing reports that tech support will occasionally not answer calls, or leave eMails unanswered for days or even weeks. In our eyes, this is completely unacceptable. When hosting and managing a website, you want your problems fixed as rapidly as possible. And when your lifeblood on the Web isn’t functioning because a rep won’t call you back, we simply cannot except the services offered. It’s a principles matter, if nothing else.

Trouble Transferring: According to our readers, it isn’t just the user that occasionally has problems moving a website from another host to JustHost. In multiple reports our readers have told us that JustHost tech reps simply can’t seem to get an hold on moving a website from one location to another. This is, of course, rather maddening, especially if you’re in need of a speedy move across town—so to speak.

JustHost Functionality Issues

Slow Performance: We can’t say we’re entirely surprised to see this complaint rising from the ranks, especially as this is shared hosting we’re talking about. Still, it appears that JustHost’s web performance and server speeds are somewhat lacking. Our users experienced quite a bit of lag with their websites, and in some cases, even found their spaces unusable due to a lack of processing power. This is most troubling, especially when unlimited disc space and bandwidth are both promised to the new signer.

JustHost Stability Concerns

Uptime Woes: this is yet another complaint we can’t say we’re too surprised to encounter. As reported by our users, the real uptime you’ll get with a JustHost is much closer to about 70% than it is the promised 99.99%. This isn’t a terrible amount of uptime, but when your website forms the very backbone of your life or business, you can’t deal with any downtime at all. When you need constant Internet presence, even the slightest of hiccups can be a nauseating and show-stopping even. Which is why the reports of websites going down for as much as 3 days at a time scare us!

The End Wrap Up

So there you have it! Those are the features, services, and pricing plans that JustHost is currently offering. What do we think of the host? Why, we’re glad you asked!

Consider deeply before signing with JustHost. In our eyes, the age-old adage, “You get what you pay for!” applies well here.

JustHost looks like a typical budget-oriented way to get your website online. Through the years we’ve heard a lot about the company from our users. Most of the reports have been good, but we can’t lie and say we haven’t collected the occasional horror story. For one, we’ve heard reports that getting your hands on the refund promised to you by the Money Back Guarantee can be quite difficult. We’ve also heard reports that your account can be slapped with a fee or a discharge at any point in time for what the company deems as “unreasonable usage” of their unlimited offerings.

All of these points can be hazardous, but on the whole, we don’t think JustHost is a scam, or one of those hosting provider’s that’s just out to “get you.” We’ll leave the ultimate decision up to you. And, as always, we encourage you to peruse the user-submitted reviews. We’re sitting on quite the egg of knowledge, and it’s all for you to gain from!

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