Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2024

Searching for the perfect dedicated server hosting can be challenging. With so many choices, each claiming to be the best, it's hard to know which one to go with. We're here to help.

We took a close look at from all over the world. We checked everything - from how often their servers are up and running, to how helpful their customer service is, and how tight their security measures are. We read feedback from users, ran our own tests, and even chatted with their support teams to get a true feel of their service.

After a lot of time and research, we've listed the best of the best in dedicated server hosting. Our guide isn't just a list, though. It's the result of our hard work to make sure you get top-quality options.

Take a look and see which hosting providers truly shine. Whether you're just starting a business, an experienced developer, or somewhere in between, our guide can help you make the right choice for your needs.

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Top 7 Dedicated Server Options

The crème de la crème of dedicated servers

Provider Best for What we liked Rating
1 OVH Dedicated server solutions Scalable, global data centers
2 InMotion Hosting Enterprise dedicated servers Top-notch network, great support
3 Liquid Web Dedicated eCommerce servers High-performance, security focus
4 LeaseWeb Dedicated servers for large apps Global reach, flexibility
5 Rackspace Managed dedicated hosting Custom server solutions, expert support
6 IONOS Dedicated enterprise servers High capacity, global network
7 Hostwinds Diverse dedicated servers Reliable uptime, responsive support

Evaluation Factors & Tests

Key criteria we used in evaluating and testing dedicated hosting providers

Dedicated Hosting Reviews

See how top dedicated server hosts performed in our tests

OVH Cloud

OVH Cloud stands out in the dedicated server hosting arena as a global frontrunner. With an emphasis on robust infrastructure like AMD's EPYC and Intel's Xeon series processors, and NVMe SSDs in RAID 10 configurations, OVH Cloud offers unmatched server performance. Their global network of data centers ensures minimized latency and optimal data routing, backed by comprehensive security measures and top-tier support.

OVH Cloud Logo
  • Best for:
    Enterprises, Developers & High-traffic Websites
  • Hardware:
    AMD's EPYC & Intel's Xeon CPUs, DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSDs in RAID 10
  • Software:
    cPanel, Plesk, Various Linux distributions & Windows Server variants
  • Performance:
    Optimized speed with 99.9% uptime guarantee


  • Wide geographical distribution of data centers
  • Advanced firewall and DDoS protections
  • Clear and competitive pricing
  • State-of-the-art hardware and software configurations
  • 24/7 expert support with swift response times


  • Setup might be intricate for novices
  • Extra charges for some advanced features
  • Fewer managed hosting solutions
Official website:

InMotion Hosting

As a stalwart in the dedicated server hosting domain, InMotion Hosting has carved a niche with its unparalleled infrastructure, spearheaded by cutting-edge Intel processors and ultra-fast SSD arrays. Catering predominantly to enterprises and developers, they provide pivotal tools, such as cPanel and Softaculous, ensuring streamlined web management. Their strategic data center placements accentuate global site responsiveness, ensuring visitors always get a swift browsing experience.

InMotion Hosting Logo
  • Best Suited For:
    High-performance Enterprise & Developer Projects
  • Tech Stack:
    Advanced Intel Processors, Speedy SSD Arrays
  • Management:
    cPanel, Softaculous One-click Installations
  • Reliability:
    Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime with SLA


  • Ultra-fast connectivity and infrastructure
  • 24/7 expert technical support
  • Rigorous security frameworks
  • Generous 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free-of-charge website migration service


  • Higher rates for short-duration commitments
  • Additional charges for month-to-month billing
  • Limited geographical spread of data centers

Liquid Web

Liquid Web has carved a niche in the dedicated server hosting segment, offering unmatched performance suitable for demanding projects and large-scale businesses. With the benefit of dedicated resources, users experience lightning-fast server responses and unwavering reliability. Liquid Web's infrastructure is underpinned by state-of-the-art hardware that ensures every website runs seamlessly and efficiently.

Liquid Web Logo
  • Tailored for:
    High-demand Web Projects & Enterprise Solutions
  • Server Tech:
    Advanced CPUs, SSDs with RAID Protection
  • Management Tools:
    InterWorx, Plesk, cPanel & WHM
  • Reliability:
    Industry-leading Network & Power Uptime Guarantees


  • Full root access with option for managed services
  • 24/7 exceptional technical support
  • Robust security protocols & DDoS mitigation
  • Quick server provisioning with expandability
  • Complimentary site migration


  • Higher-than-average pricing
  • Fewer global data center choices
  • Absence of shared hosting plans
Official website:


LeaseWeb, a renowned name in the hosting sector, shines brightly in the realm of dedicated server solutions. Their commitment to speed and reliability is evident through their SSD-based storage and cutting-edge CPUs. Whether you're an e-commerce giant or a high-traffic website, LeaseWeb offers an adaptable infrastructure backed by world-class technologies and support.

LeaseWeb Logo
  • Designed for:
    Large Enterprises & High-Volume Portals
  • Hardware:
    High-Speed SSD Storage, Modern CPU Architectures
  • Software:
    Custom Control Panel, Full API Integration
  • Reliability:
    Industry-Leading 99.99% Uptime


  • Customizable server configurations
  • Robust DDoS protection and advanced security measures
  • Round-the-clock expert customer service
  • Developer-friendly API capabilities
  • Strategically placed global data centers


  • Initial navigation of the custom control panel may be challenging
  • Extra expenses for specific premium features
  • Base packages might offer limited storage
Official website:


At the zenith of managed cloud and hosting services lies Rackspace Technology. Specializing in robust dedicated server offerings, Rackspace is equipped with top-tier CPUs and state-of-the-art SSD technology. Engineered for businesses with heavy-duty requirements, these servers promise unparalleled performance, with the backing of Rackspace's strategically located global data centers. This network guarantees high-speed, low-latency operations to cater to clients worldwide.

Rackspace Logo
  • Best Suited for:
    Large Corporations & Intensive Data Processing
  • Hardware:
    Industry-leading CPUs & Ultra-fast SSD Storage
  • Control Panel:
    Rackspace's Exclusive Cloud Manager
  • Reliability:
    Contractual 99.99% Uptime Assurance


  • Round-the-clock expert support
  • Adaptable server and cloud setups
  • Rigorous security and regulatory compliance
  • Capability for integrated cloud solutions
  • End-to-end managed database offerings


  • Higher pricing for small-scale deployments
  • Potential complexities during initial setup for beginners
  • Time investment in mastering their specific platform
Official website:


IONOS, an esteemed player in the hosting market, delivers dedicated server solutions built for top-tier performance and reliability. Engineered for both businesses and developers, IONOS dedicated servers are renowned for their high-quality hardware and unparalleled resource isolation. This ensures seamless website and application operations, even under demanding conditions.

  • Optimal for:
    Large Enterprises, Developers & High-demand Projects
  • Infrastructure:
    Enterprise-grade SSDs, Expandable RAM & Multi-core CPUs
  • Management:
    Unrestricted Root Access, with Plesk & cPanel Integration
  • Reliability:
    Industry-leading 99.9% Uptime Commitment


  • Exclusively allocated server resources ensuring optimal performance
  • Rigorous security protocols and DDoS protection
  • Distributed data centers for geographical redundancy
  • 24/7 technical support complemented by real-time server monitoring
  • Clear and upfront pricing with no concealed charges


  • Can be overwhelming for those new to dedicated hosting
  • Premium pricing for some specialized configurations
  • Limited flexibility with certain preset server setups
Official website:


Hostwinds, a venerated name in dedicated server hosting, showcases its prowess through high-performance server offerings. Utilizing state-of-the-art hardware like Solid-State Drives and Advanced CPUs, they deliver seamless hosting experiences ideal for high-traffic websites and eCommerce platforms. Their meticulous choice of data centers coupled with SSD technology ensures speed, stability, and superior uptime.

Hostwinds Logo
  • Tailored for:
    High-Volume Web Portals & Online Stores
  • Hardware:
    Next-Gen Solid-State Drives, High-Efficiency CPUs
  • Software:
    Diverse Linux Variants, Optional cPanel Integration
  • Reliability:
    Industry-leading 99.999% Uptime Assurance


  • Complimentary dedicated IP for every server
  • Unrestricted root access granting full server control
  • Windshield defense mechanism for heightened security
  • Effortless server scalability to cater growing demands
  • Around-the-clock expert support team


  • Server setup might be challenging for novices
  • Premium pricing for fully managed server solutions
  • Constrained selection of pre-configured OS images
Official website:

Compare Web Hosts

Can't decide? Here's a brief comparison table of the best dedicated server providers reviewed

Company Specialization Pros Cons Hardware Performance Management Pricing
OVH Dedicated servers, SMEs Affordable, diverse range of products Customer service variability 4.0 4.0 4.2 4.4
InMotion Hosting Enterprise dedicated hosting, CMS platforms Good uptime, customer service Higher pricing tiers 4.3 4.2 4.3 4.0
Liquid Web Managed dedicated servers, enterprises Robust features, strong support Premium pricing 4.5 4.4 4.2 3.9
LeaseWeb Custom dedicated solutions, large-scale projects Global data centers, customizable solutions Complex billing 4.4 4.3 4.1 4.0
Rackspace Dedicated cloud infrastructure Managed services, expert support Premium pricing 4.4 4.3 4.0 3.8
IONOS Dedicated servers for SMEs, CMS hosting Reliable uptime, 24/7 support Limited server customization 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.1
Hostwinds Flexible dedicated hosting, enterprises Custom server configurations, solid uptime Higher renewal rates 4.1 4.0 4.1 4.0

Recommended Dedicated Hosting

Discover top-tier dedicated server choices, curated for excellence in diverse hosting needs

Best Dedicated Hosting for Developers

For developers in need of unmatched performance, flexibility, and dedicated resources, finding the right dedicated hosting solution is paramount. Here's our curated list of the top dedicated hosting providers perfect for development tasks and projects.

  1. OVH Cloud: A global powerhouse in the hosting arena, OVH Cloud's dedicated servers are known for their cutting-edge infrastructure, robust performance, and competitive pricing. Their extensive range of data center locations worldwide ensures low latency and high availability. Developers can also benefit from their advanced DDoS protection and customizable server configurations.
  2. InMotion Hosting: With a stellar reputation in the hosting domain, InMotion's dedicated server offerings come with high-performance hardware, managed security, and free server management tools. Developers will appreciate the optimized configurations for popular applications, seamless scalability options, and top-tier customer support.
  3. Liquid Web: A premium name in dedicated hosting, Liquid Web offers feature-rich dedicated servers with full management options. Their solutions come with real-time monitoring, enhanced security features, and root access. Developers can harness the power of Liquid Web's servers for high-performance applications and mission-critical sites.
  4. LeaseWeb: Catering to a global clientele, LeaseWeb's dedicated servers are optimized for performance and reliability. With a choice of configurations, high bandwidth options, and an array of data center locations, developers can find a solution tailored to their specific project needs. Their API access and instant server provisioning further enhance the hosting experience.
  5. Rackspace: Known as a leader in managed cloud solutions, Rackspace's dedicated hosting stands out for its fanatical support and enterprise-grade infrastructure. They provide a blend of customization and performance, suitable for complex development tasks. With top-tier hardware, advanced security measures, and a suite of managed services, developers can focus solely on coding while Rackspace handles the backend intricacies.

Best Dedicated Hosting for WordPress

For WordPress enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance, ultimate security, and dedicated resources, the right dedicated hosting provider can make all the difference. Delve into our selection of the top dedicated hosting solutions optimized for WordPress websites.

  1. InMotion Hosting: Famed for its premium hosting solutions, InMotion offers WordPress-optimized dedicated servers. These are enriched with features like automatic WordPress updates, free website migration, and integrated caching for enhanced website speed. Their exceptional customer service ensures that any WordPress-related query is promptly addressed.
  2. OVH Cloud: OVH Cloud's dedicated hosting solutions are crafted with WordPress users in mind. With an extensive infrastructure network, they offer lightning-fast server speeds, excellent uptime, and advanced DDoS protection. Their one-click WordPress installation and expert support ensure a hassle-free experience for both beginners and experienced webmasters.
  3. Liquid Web: As a top-tier player in the hosting space, Liquid Web's Managed WordPress hosting stands out. They offer automatic backups, developer tools like SSH and WP-CLI, and an intuitive dashboard. Their no-pageview tiering and automatic image compression ensure that WordPress sites run smoothly and swiftly.
  4. LeaseWeb: LeaseWeb's WordPress-ready dedicated servers come equipped with robust security measures, one-click installs, and automatic updates. They offer an array of server configurations, ensuring that WordPress sites of all sizes, from personal blogs to large-scale e-commerce platforms, receive the dedicated resources they need.
  5. Hostwinds: Recognized for its flexibility and reliability, Hostwinds provides dedicated WordPress hosting solutions tailored to individual needs. Features like nightly backups, SSD storage, and free website migration, combined with 24/7 expert support, make it an attractive choice for WordPress users looking for dedicated resources.

Best Dedicated Hosting for Game Servers

Delivering smooth gameplay, reduced latency, and uninterrupted fun demands exceptional server performance. Here's a selection of the top dedicated hosting solutions optimized for running game servers, ensuring players enjoy the best experiences.

  1. Rackspace: As a pioneering force in the hosting industry, Rackspace delivers dedicated game server solutions designed for peak performance. They provide a blend of high-capacity SSDs, cutting-edge processors, and guaranteed bandwidth to ensure uninterrupted gaming sessions. Their Fanatical Support® ensures that game developers and server admins have expert assistance available around the clock.
  2. IONOS: Renowned for its scalable and reliable hosting solutions, IONOS offers dedicated game servers optimized for both indie developers and established gaming companies. With high-performance hardware, advanced security measures, and a focus on reducing latency, they promise a smooth gaming experience for users across various genres.
  3. OVH Cloud: Recognized in the gaming community for its robust infrastructure, OVH Cloud provides dedicated game server hosting equipped with advanced DDoS protection and optimized routing. Their vast array of data centers across the globe ensures minimal latency, making them a favorite among international gaming communities.
  4. Liquid Web: Liquid Web offers high-performance game server hosting backed by SSD storage, high-speed networking, and premium bandwidth providers. Their robust hardware ensures seamless gameplay, while their expert support can guide game server admins through any challenges.
  5. LeaseWeb: LeaseWeb stands out with its custom-tailored game server hosting solutions. Their dedicated game servers come equipped with high-frequency CPUs, vast RAM allocations, and rapid network connections. The global reach of their data centers guarantees low ping rates for players all over the world.

Best Dedicated Hosting for VPN

For those desiring to run a reliable and high-performance Virtual Private Network (VPN), selecting the right dedicated hosting provider is paramount. Discover our top picks for dedicated hosting solutions that are tailored to support robust VPN services.

  1. LeaseWeb: Offering a broad spectrum of server configurations, LeaseWeb is a top choice for VPN-centric dedicated hosting. Their global network of data centers, combined with high-speed connections and customizable hardware options, make them a favorite among VPN service providers.
  2. OVH Cloud: A renowned name in the hosting arena, OVH Cloud offers dedicated servers optimized for VPNs. They come with high bandwidth, multiple IPs, and advanced DDoS protection. Their global network of data centers ensures low latency and reliable VPN connections across the world.
  3. InMotion Hosting: Best known for its vast hosting solutions, InMotion offers dedicated servers perfect for VPN hosting. With features like full root access, redundant power infrastructure, and scalable bandwidth, VPN providers can trust InMotion for steady performance and uptime.
  4. Liquid Web: Liquid Web's dedicated hosting solutions stand out with premium hardware and advanced security features. Their servers are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processors and hardware firewalls, making them ideal for VPN services that require robust performance and security.
  5. Rackspace: As a global leader in cloud computing, Rackspace's dedicated hosting solutions are tailored for intensive tasks like VPN hosting. Their Fanatical Support® ensures that VPN setups are optimized for security, speed, and reliability. Plus, with their multi-cloud infrastructure, Rackspace offers flexibility for VPN providers to scale and expand seamlessly.


  1. How do I choose a top-notch dedicated server host?

    Choosing an outstanding dedicated server host involves considering elements like superior hardware such as the latest-gen CPUs, DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD storage, and overall infrastructure. The physical location of data centers, security protocols, OS choices, bandwidth provisions, and the quality of customer support are also crucial in making a well-informed choice.

  2. What are the pros and cons of dedicated server hosting?

    Dedicated server hosting provides benefits like unparalleled performance, complete server control, robust security, and dedicated resources. On the flip side, it may come with challenges such as higher costs, the need for server management skills, and potential over-provisioning of resources.

  3. Why are dedicated server solutions generally more expensive?

    Dedicated server solutions command a higher price due to the exclusivity of resources and hardware they offer. This includes individual server allocation, enhanced security features, professional support, and advanced configurations. The costs associated with maintaining and upgrading such setups further drive the price.

  4. Is dedicated server hosting ideal for web hosting?

    Absolutely, dedicated servers are highly recommended for websites that demand peak performance, supreme security, and extensive customization. They are especially fit for large-scale web portals, intricate online applications, and extensive e-commerce platforms.

  5. How does dedicated server hosting differentiate from cloud hosting?

    While dedicated server hosting allocates an entire server's resources to one client, cloud hosting harnesses resources from a cluster of interconnected servers. Cloud solutions excel in scalability and redundancy, while dedicated servers provide unmatched performance stability due to their isolated resources. The choice hinges on your specific requirements and priorities.

  6. Why should I choose dedicated server hosting over other options?

    Dedicated server hosting is the pinnacle of hosting solutions, providing unparalleled resource allocation, unmatched customization, and top-tier security. It's especially apt for expansive websites and applications that demand consistent high performance and advanced configurations.

  7. What kind of dedicated server package is right for me?

    The choice of a dedicated server package is dictated by factors such as anticipated web traffic, the nature of hosted applications, storage prerequisites, and future growth potential. Conducting a thorough analysis of current and projected resource needs will aid in selecting the perfect server configuration.

  8. How much does a premier dedicated server typically cost?

    Investment in a premium dedicated server can vary widely, influenced by elements such as the provider's reputation, server specifications, geographical location of data centers, additional features, and support caliber. Prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars monthly, contingent on the bespoke needs and the offerings of the hosting provider.

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