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Things to Keep in Mind while Changing Web Host

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What is Web Hosting? Web hosting is a type of service that lets user to put the website on the internet. The part of web hosting comes after the user has decided the domain name and has registered it too. User has three options possible for choosing a web hosting service that a web host can offer. They are virtual private server hosting, shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting. In case a user wants to switch web host then the user should keep following consideration in mind.

User should start looking for new web host at least few days before user run out of credit for present account. This will help in keeping your website on the air for the maximum time. Before switching to the new web host, first make a backup copy of the website in the same tree structure in which you want to upload it later, only the cgi-bin’s location can vary. Also look for any chmod permissions that you might have set on any folder or file. This is so as these permissions need to be reset when files are uploaded to the new web server. Copy of the database/databases has to be made too.

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Another consideration that user has to make is that user should be aware of the hosting requirements like beginner are concern with the amount that they have to pay to the disk space they are provided.

If the user is a professional, entrepreneur or online business then the user can make following requirements, which are:

Choosing the type of web hosting: user has mainly two options, Shared server or dedicated server. If a user expects to get huge traffic then the user must go for dedicated server as it has much greater bandwidth then the shared one. This is also required if you need to have complex app, secure information and customized option in your website.

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Type of OS for hosting: If your website is build on technologies like JSP, ASP etc and require other Microsoft add like MSACCESS or MS SQL database the one should go for windows hosting. On the other hand if the user is using technologies like Cold Fusion then it can run on Linux as well as Windows platform.

Bandwidth and Space Requirements: Many web hosts are providing 1GB – 3GB of disk space but if your site require more space and/or receives lot of traffic then one should consider other web host as this will then just not be enough.

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Requirement for number of sub domains and parked domains: Parked domain are advantageous for high traffic websites as they can handle them better whereas dub domain helps in improving reputation of your website on the search engine. Most of the web host charge extra money for them.

Active more than 99.99%: Many web hosts are now guaranteeing up time of up to 99.99%, but then they are costlier and should be chosen if you require so like in commercial websites.


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