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Changing Web Hosting Companies

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There sometimes comes a time when individuals or companies find that they are no longer satisfied with the services that their current web hosting company provides. Perhaps it’s a matter of not enough storage space or bandwidth, or it may be a simple matter of customer service that makes the individual want to change to a new company. Changing to a new company may sound like the ideal solution but many people shy away from this due to the complexity of switching companies. But it doesn’t have to be that complex and if one isn’t satisfied with their web hosting company, they should definitely make the switch. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing to keep in mind is to keep the account with the existing company open. This will ensure that the website will always be running while the individual is trying to find someone else. One then needs to create their new account. While doing this, it’s important to make sure that the new web hosting company will be able to provide the things that the old company could not. It’s usually wise to opt for a web hosting service that is well known. This will help enhance your site.

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Once the new web host has been selected the individual just needs to move on to finalize what package they want that is offered by the company and to set up their new account. The next step is to download the old account files and then have them uploaded to the new account. This is a fairly easy task and can be accomplished simply by first connecting to the old provider’s FTP and then to the FTP of the new host. It’s still important not to cancel the old account at this time. To ensure that one is still receiving every email, it’s also important to keep the same email addresses.

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Next one needs to check the website to make sure that all the files have been properly updated and that any web links are fully operational. The domain name servers can then be changed once the website is showing satisfactory results. The domain name server is usually obtained once the individual is registered with the web host. They can also be provided by domain registrars and if that’s the case, the domain provider should be contacted so they can replace the previous name servers with the new one.

The new domain servers will generally take anywhere between twenty-four and forty-eight hours to be up and running and therefore, the old web host is responsible for the website in the meantime. This is why cancelling the old service should be the very last thing you do. Once the new account has been activated, the old account can be cancelled.


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