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CMS Builder – Constructing Your Own Content Management System

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Content management systems are perhaps one of the most important software options available that help you build and maintain websites. With a god CMS you’ll be able to develop, upload,  and organize your content within a streamlined interface that allows for complete control over all user activity. Content management systems help you effectively manage your work force by letting you set permissions for each of the system’s users, thus giving you the ability to outsource the development and organization on your entire site with ease. However each content management system has a different user interface,  with various modules that are assigned to specific task sets within the software.

In some cases the CMS may not accommodate all of your site’s needs, in which case you’ll either have to hire a programmer to amend the coding of the CMS or purchase another CMS. However there is another option that will give you full control over the user interface and administrative functions of your control panel.

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Using CMS Builder to Personally Build a Custom CMS

CMS builder is a software that lets you customize nearly every aspect of your site’s backend interface, the area of the site that you’ll be using to build and operate your online business.   With this software you can quickly and easily change the  design of your site using templates that are created to be compatible with a variety of theme  formats such as Joomla  and WordPress, and you can even choose which kind of theme template you would prefer during the construction of your website. Using the integrated design features within the software you can  change the look and feel of every module within your site’s control panel, without having any advanced coding knowledge or experience.

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Reselling Your CMS Creations

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the CMS builder software is that you an resell the CMS that you create with it, giving  you the opportunity to brand  your web hosting or  other online services company by offering a custom CMS to each client. You can even upload a custom logo into the CMS which will give the user an even more authentic experience. If you specialize in client-based online industries such as site development,  then you’ll definitely want to consider offering a custom CMS solution to each of your customers.

Reselling CMS Builder

You can also resell the CMS builder software itself, which  can produce a hefty amount of affiliate commissions if done correctly. Perhaps the best way to sell the software is through instructional sites that teach web design to prospective web designers. Many new web designers do not have the patience or skill to design a custom CMS themselves, and would quickly pay for a solution that could help them do so without the time or effort needed to create a CMS manually. If you have a technical blog with  following of new web designers you can easily  see a few conversions each week promoting this software.


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