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CMS’s Programs Worthy of Your Consideration

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There are content management systems (CMS) appearing across the Internet to help website owners remain organized and keep their content efficient. Most web owners have their favorite CMS but are always on the lookout for the next innovative program. The following are some of the newest and best CMS that have recently come to market and are worth checking out:

  • Bildy
  • Firerift
  • Get Simple CMS
  • Typeroom
  • Lemonstand

Bildy has been designed to feature a horizontal navigation similar to iTunes which is completely different than most CMS software. This allows for an easy method of creating and organizing content. There is even a “custom” field that allows you to customize the exact time of content you are searching for to collect from different pages.

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Firerift features a sleek and shiny interface allowing for easy blog posting, uploading of files and various other modules that streamline content management. Within the “data” panel, there is an area to define custom fields to add or search for content. This is considered a new type of CMS in that the program stores the information in a database but pulls it and places it on a page using JavaScript.

The Get Simple CMS software does not provide anything new and innovative but it does offer a straightforward interface that manages content tremendously well. Once logged in, the main menu presents four options: Files, Themes, Pages and Backup. The CMS also offers a WYSIWYG editor for easy visualization of webpages.

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Typeroom is available in two versions: Typeroom Professional and Typeroom Lite. Each offer effective inline editing that is growing in popularity among CMS’s. You simply must login to your website and add content directly onto the site as opposed to a backend administrative interface.

Finally, Lemonstand is not a CMS in the traditional sense, the program is actually a shopping cart with features like the ability to add pages and other content. The premise behind the design is to build websites that allow you to sell any type of product or service. The interface is simple and split by Dashboard, CMS and Shop.

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These five CMS programs are some of the most innovative and advanced currently in the industry. CMS programmers are moving away from backend interface toward creating, modifying and deleting content directly from the webpage, which update instantly. This feature will continue to improve and grow with the release of new CMS’s in the future.


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