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Considerations for Personal Web Hosting

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If you want to create a personal website, you may not require the type of web hosting designed for mission-critical e-commerce or IT applications.  Personal hosting services tend to be far less complex and most importantly, less expensive than solutions geared towards professional users and organizations.  So if you desire to have a website merely for a hobby or other personal needs, you can opt for a low-priced plan that allows you to establish an online presence without making an expensive commitment.  In fact, a free hosting package may be perfectly suited for your requirements.

Totally Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is abundant so you should have no trouble finding a suitor.  You may even be able to obtain free web space from your internet service provider.  These services are often made possible by third-parties that purchase advertising space to promote their products or services on the site users’ web pages.  Because there is no fee for the service, free hosting tends to be of lesser quality than the paid variation.  With free hosting, there is commonly no quality assurance or customer support due to the fact that the business model used is designed to attract a large number of users and generate revenue from advertising.   And while this business model cannot assure you the most reliable service, it does permit you to have your very own website and establish an online presence without having to come out of your pocket for any money.

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Low-Cost Web Hosting

If free hosting does not sound appealing, you can find an ideal alternative in a low-cost variation known as shared hosting.  An entry-level solution of sorts, shared hosting is suitable for the needs of individuals as well as small businesses.  Upon purchasing an account, you are provided with space and resources on a server, which are shared among other website owners.  The actual server is managed by the web hosting company, making this a perfect option for webmasters who lack technical skills.  There are many advantages to this type of service, mainly the quality, reliability and independence that allows you to have your own domain name without third-party advertisements.   As far as cost, you can find an excellent deal because many web hosting companies offer feature-rich packages for $10 or less.

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The Perils of Cheap Hosting

One could say that from a quality aspect, low-cost web hosting is a much better option than the free variety.  However, you should not automatically assume that you will get a quality service just because you paid for it.  There are pitfalls to cheap services, many of which can swallow you whole if you do not conduct research and compare services.  Low-priced solutions have been traditionally known to suffer from slower servers, more outages and service interruptions, factors that can be render them unreliable for users who are dependent on their internet presence.   On the other hand, you may find these drawbacks acceptable if you are only running a personal website.  In the end, it is all about your expectations and what you are looking to accomplish with your site.


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