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Considerations for Your Company before Hiring an Experienced SEO Professional

Search engine optimization (or optimizers), more commonly known as SEO, is a unique way to promote a website through web search results.  Most websites are concerned about their visibility to potential clients and strive to maximize their exposure through whatever marketing means available.

To some, hiring an SEO may seem like the ideal situation.  The main function of SEO is to increase all aspects of visibility for your company’s website through various search methods such as local, video and image searches.  However, there are a few items to keep in mind before hiring a SEO for your website.

Reputable SEOs

One of the biggest concerns any website owner should have when hiring an SEO is the reputation of said SEO.  A website has to allow a SEO access to their HTML and server to allow them to complete their work.  It’s essential that the SEO is forthcoming with all information regarding website changes to their client.

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If a SEO seems reluctant to discuss specific changes or doesn’t want to answer questions directly, this can be a clear indication that the SEO is not reputable.  In fact, some disreputable SEOs have caused websites to fail by redirecting ‘surfers’ to competitor’s websites through ‘bad’ links.  In addition to potentially sabotaging your website, you’re responsible for any actions committed by a company working for you.  This means you could be held liable for a disreputable SEO’s actions.  This is definitely a buyer beware market.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Ask yourself: Are you trying to increase web presence?  Do you want to branch out from traditional search engine hits?  It’s imperative that the SEO match (or as closely as possible) your vision and the SEO will work with you to make the vision a reality.

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You should interview any potential SEOs for your company and have questions prepared for potential candidates.  These can range from questions about experience to asking for client testimonials or recommendations.  Beware of any company that approaches you about becoming your SEO because these are normally scammers.

Timing is Essential

If you are considering hiring a SEO, you should also consider the timing of the hire.  A SEO can help you create a website from the beginning by adding key phrases, tags, and links upon creation of your site.  This is the perfect time to have a SEO onboard.

Another optimum time to hire a SEO is at the beginning of a ‘remodel’ of an existing site or when launching a new site that is a spin-off of the main site.  Even if your company isn’t at either time, a SEO can still benefit your website.

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You alone should make the decision to hire a SEO or do it on your own. If you choose to hire a SEO, now you know a few of the items to consider before hiring.

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