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Corel Motion Studio 3D Review

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It seems that more and more often, we hear of someone wanting to get into the graphics field and they are “self-learners” or “self-starters” and they ask us, “What software is good enough for someone to learn and become pro with, but is simple enough for a total novice?” Many times, we would be stumped to hear it; all the software out there had a large learning curve.

Until now.

With the advent of Corel Motion Studio 3D, a new artist can learn 3D modeling as well as animation in a software suite that is competitively priced as well as being well suited to those who are just beginning to learn as well as those who have been at this for quite some time. We hope that the following review of this software will assist you in making a decision about your software.

Software even the novice will enjoy

The newest addition to the world of 3D editing software is indeed making waves all across the world! Corel’s inaugural 3D product, Motion Studio 3D is a program that will suit beginners and old hands alike. With a wide selection of tools made available that commonly found in more expensive programs, as well as real time preview of your work with next to no rendering time necessary, this program soars about its competitors in the novice market. A list of some of its best features would be:

  • Seamless handling of particle effects
  • Import and Export capabilities
  • One Click options for the newcomers
  • A very affordable price ($99)
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Motion Studio’s interface is simple to use as well as being very intuitive, allowing newcomers to 3D rendering feel much more at ease. It also offers real time previews so that as you work you can tweak and edit as you go without waiting for lengthy rendering times to complete. The time-line of your project goes across the bottom of the interface, making a nice home for key frames of your animation giving you a visual cue to where things are and where they will be going along with offering an easy menu to make changes and enhancements to your work.

What is now called the “Easy palette” offers a wide array of preset options and effects that can be supplemented by add-on options from their gallery (which is online and entirely free), giving you far more functionality than is available in other programs of a similar caliber. This is where you will find your 3D models, text objects, lathe objects and more, with fully customizable menus for each option. The program also includes many one click effects that will help those just getting started to add that extra bit of “wow” to their presentation or project.

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Professional Quality Project Handling

We know that those who have a much higher caliber of talent and experience are saying to us now, “What about us? Is this program going to be useful for professionals as well?” The answer is: Absolutely! From particle effects and vector graphics to smoke screens and 3D titles, you will be able to make productions that make your audience be amazed by your talent and expertise.

This software also allows for import and export from other programs, so that using this in conjunction with paint-shop, dream-weaver or any other product that you may have an interest in graphics-wise, you will have no problems transferring your work. This benefit perhaps more than any other will prove priceless in your journey to the top of the 3D animation world.

For those “prosumers” out there, there are also useful import and export features allowing you to either view your 3D work with glasses or to export them to a format that will allow for viewing on a 3D television. Options like these are few and far between even in the more expensive “professional” software suites. On top of the options and benefits listed before, you also have a wide array of still motion options such as workability with .Gif files as well as flash so that you can make animations specifically for websites that you may own or be consulting on as well.

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When it comes down to pounds and pence, Corel Motion Studio 3D offers you the most bang for your buck when it comes to software suites for the beginner that will grow with them as well as continue to challenge them. With a very competitive price tag, this program will not only fit the budget of the student, it is powerful enough to be considered for any small (or may be not so small) studio as a new tool. Corel Motion Studio 3D will have things for all levels of user, and makes entry into the world of 3D animation less intimidating for the hobbyist.


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