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Geek In The New Year

It’s almost 2014. We are finishing our holiday shopping, planning New Year’s events and getting ready to feast on all the good food of the season. I’m no Isaac Asimov–his predictions for 2014 were remarkably accurate and his writing was incredible–but I’ve got a few predictions of my own for 2014 and beyond. Some trends to […]

iTech Review: Incredible 3D Printing Advances

While 3D printing intrigued many several years ago, there is a sudden boom in the use 3D printing brings to businesses. While artists played with the new technology to create objects and test the boundaries of the printers, savvy businesses followed suit and have incorporated it into products and initiatives that will lead the way […]

iTech Review: QR City,, Google Goggles and Interest in Pinterest

Technology is important to life and business and while we tend to focus on gadgets that make our lives easier, we also fear how we need to evolve our businesses to meet that technology for consumers and customers. Technology is also the way we market our business easier and more effectively. The better the technology, […]

Deadly Downloads: The moral frontier of 3D micro-manufacturing

In their article, “Sci-Fi That Foretold The Future,”  Google’s Think Quarterly gives a list of science fiction films that have become, to some degree, a reality. More surprising than the reality of science fiction in our lives today is that the age old problems of reality have not changed at all.  As the micro-manufacturing industrial […]

Corel Motion Studio 3D Review

It seems that more and more often, we hear of someone wanting to get into the graphics field and they are “self-learners” or “self-starters” and they ask us, “What software is good enough for someone to learn and become pro with, but is simple enough for a total novice?” Many times, we would be stumped […]

3D Rendering and Animation: Not Only for the Professional

In this world of ever-developing technology, we are seeing leaps and bounds of progress in the area of graphics and animation. Some of us think to ourselves, “Well, that is nice but I’d never be able to create something like that. The software must be so complicated and expensive!” Thanks to the passions of the […]

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