Create an SEO Plan Prior to Developing a Website

Most professionals think building an SEO plan before clicking the first button to create a website is reversed. In fact, many aspects of this idea are. However, by developing SEO methods before website creation, this eliminates the chance of this vital function being an afterthought. Unfortunately, most website owners only consider SEO long after the site has been running which could be weeks, months or even many years.

How to Maximize Profits

To maximize traffic, conversions and thus profits, this mindset needs to head in another direction. The success of internet marketing can literally make or break the business. Therefore, it is not logical to hire an SEO professional after the website has been created. This is similar to conducting demographic research after choosing the location for a store and investing thousands for startup. That just doesn’t make sense.

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Collaboration between Development and SEO

Development and SEO are interwoven in that both functions must be considered together. Not following this technique can result in expensive redevelopment due to the constantly changing SEO requirements. On the other hand, these changes could be considered prior to creating the website and therefore a plan could be developed.

Never Rebuild a Foundation

The first point for creating an SEO plan prior to launching a website is you never want to rebuild a foundation. Most SEO experts receive inquiries from customers that are interesting in improving their site with SEO tactics but want to wait until the website is operational. Since SEO is just as large a part of any business plan as website development, this is a hindering viewpoint.

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Start in the Pole Position

The second guideline is SEO prior to development begins you in the pole position. This means that you are taking the first position, ahead of the competition. Of course this is the best possible position to start from, thus giving you the greatest advantage. Developing good SEO practices throughout the development stage removes non-value added activities needed to implement the function later and immediately add value once the website goes live.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of a website. Despite its importance, it is unbelievable most web owners wait until after the website has been created to implement the practice. However, to immediately jump ahead of the competition it is vital to execute this technique which will result in higher profits as a result of maximum internet presence and visibility.

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