Earning a Living as a Domain Flipper

Domain names represent some of the most highly sought after items on the web.  People are buying them up exponentially and many are willing to pay top dollar to get their hands on one.

If you have the determination and marketing savvy, you could earn a respectable living by purchasing and reselling domain names.  Before you get started however, there are some key factors that must be considered.  First, you need to be able to identify which domain names will likely sell the most and generate the highest demand.  In this article, we will go over some of the crucial factors that must be considered in order to make a prosperous business out of domain name flipping.

How to Spot the Best Domain Names

A short and simple domain name is far more desirable than one that is lengthy and complicated.  Why?  Most potential buyers have come to learn that short and sweet is simply easier to remember.  This makes the simple domain very effective when advertising via word of mouth.

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Once you settle on a good domain name, try to optimize it and promote visibility through the search engines.  Doing so can dramatically increase the value of the name.  This can be done by setting up a website and advertising it through various methods of search engine optimization.  Potential customers will be more apt to jump on a popular domain name that already has a decent ranking due to its ability to generate traffic to their site.

Flipping Domain Names

After you have selected a domain name and performed the necessary measures to warrant a good sale, it is time for you to get out there and market.  This step here is not as difficult as it may sound.  You can start out by visiting blogs, community forums and auction sites.  Many of these sites will allow you to post the domain name along with the price you are asking for.  If the domain name is desirable enough, this could get you a lot of individuals and businesses looking to make a deal.

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Grasping the Keys to Success

The key to successfully selling domain names is patience.  Remember, you’re the owner so the ball is in your court.  While the name is on the market, the best thing you can do is sit back and wait.  In the mean time, you can keep yourself busy by checking on similar domains and finding out how valuable they may be.  When you get the best price for the original name, take the buyer up on their offer and count your profits.  If you can continuously find good names and repeat this process, you could end up making out rather nicely.

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Several entrepreneurs have learned the ins and outs of reselling domain names, making a profitable living from the comfort of their computer.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that while this business requires strategy, it does not call for any strenuous effort on your part.  If you have the business savvy and an eye for good domain names, this might be the business move for you.

One comment on “Earning a Living as a Domain Flipper

  • We Mean Brands

    All really good points to evaluate domains by keywords and search. However, if your target audience is business or companies that looking for a name to develop into a brand, it is important to have a short, memorable, and unique name that is not associated directly with a particular keyword. This will allow the company to grow into the name and expand into various marketplaces, not to mention build brand recognition.

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