Ecommerce Hosting for Audio-Oriented Websites

There are many ways one can promote their business website with ease, and I’m sure you’ve heard of all of the popular methods such as search engine optimization, social bookmarking, video marketing and link exchanging, but there is one method that is commonly overlooked by many online business owners; audio. Although audio is not as popular as online video, there is a huge visitor base that is looking for popular songs and other interesting audio clips online. If you can cater to their needs effectively, then you could benefit from some of this traffic.

Streaming Audio and Hosting Capabilities

Most regular web hosting plans will not provide enough server space or bandwidth to store and transfer all of your site’s audio, especially if you have a large database of audio files. Instead of your average hosting plan, you may want to consider an ecommerce hosting solution instead. Ecommerce hosting solutions will provide the right amount of storage space and bandwidth needed to give your visitors an optimal audio listening experience.  Trying to offer streaming sound with very low server bandwidth will almost indefinitely result in slow transfer speeds and choppy audio. Your visitors will most likely leave after a few minutes of dealing with these annoyances.

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Selling Audio with an eCommerce Hosting Account

Selling audio is another way your online business can benefit from the addition of audio. If you want to make some extra money with your domain, then you may want to consider selling digital products. A good ecommerce hosting account will let you create a catalog of digital products such as audio clips and video files, that you can display on your website. You can even post short clips of each file to give the visitor a sample before they buy. Selling digital media without an ecommerce hosting would be very inconvenient, unless you possessed a dedicated server with plenty of server space and bandwidth. For small business owners, an ecommerce hosting plan is much more suitable.

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Attracting Traffic and Improving SEO With Audio Lessons

A good way to get traffic from audio is by teaching and tutoring people with audio lessons. Posting a how to audio lecture is a great way to gather targeted search traffic, and to attract the attention of your visitors once they’ve already reached your website. Audio can also improve the search engine ranking of your website. Many people don’t know that search engines gauge the popularity and usefulness of a website by judging how long each visitor remains at the website. By placing audio on you home page, you can grab the viewers attention for long enough to create a lasting impression on both the visitor and the search engine that may have referred them.

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In the end, the addition of audio to your website can only bring positive effects. However, hosting large amounts of audio files without an ecommerce account is simply not feasible unless or affordable. If you’re unable to spend a lot of money on a dedicated or private server tat the moment, then you may want to consider a more limitless hosting plan, such as an ecommerce hosting plan.

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