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Top 5 Full Featured Web Hosts

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Web hosting is a term that most webmasters understand, courtesy of the unimaginably massive leaps made by the world of Internet. However, it is quite possible that some new entrants in the field would be unaware of the different kinds of web hosts available. An befitting example is the shared host whereby website owners pay less and share one host with a number of other sites. This has its own advantages but there is a down side to this a well. Due to this negative aspect, full featured web hosts have really become highly coveted.

As the name suggests, these hosting packages offer many unlimited features, great customer support, and many free marketing perks. Further, this leads to better results for web traffic generations and a myriad of other possibilities. Here is a list of the top five full featured web hosts dominating the cyber market at present.

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WebHostingHub offers free premium website builder, free domain registration or transfer and number of CMS options to choose from. These add-ons are beneficial as parts of the package. WebHostingHub also guarantees their famous No-Downtime transfer process, which gives you access to a temporary URL so you can upload your files before you transfer your domain.

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HostGator is a name that has been embracing the top ranking of compilations of full featured web hosts. With unlimited transfers and data space, this host is one that is sure to bring a stable presence to your business online. The top features are ADP, cPanel compliancy and Fantastico.

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With secure shell support, Bluehost is yet another popular choice. They also offer a money back guarantee associated with their hosting plans. Of course, as in all full featured web hosts, there is unlimited transfer available to their clients. Additionally, Blue Host is one of the oldest hosts in business, serving webmasters since 1996!

IX Webhosting

IX Webhosting is a notch above other apparently similar services given that there is the option of getting unlimited IP addresses along with ecommerce support. This results in the opportunity for enhanced profits, hence affording a larger ROI. The reviews prove its quality, and the number of satisfied users shows that this web host is one of the most in-demand featured hosts on the web market.

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The last, though immensely powerful featured host, is FatCow. It is ideal for both blogs and business websites on the web. Also labeled as eco friendly, this host offers SSL servers, store building tools, and credits for Google AdWords.


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