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Top 5 Necessities For a Sales Oriented Website

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If you have a sales website in which you are trying to sell a product and need to increase traffic as well as product sales, there are certain things that your website should definitely have. A sales website has to reach and grasp the attention of the consumers in order to receive necessary sales. The purpose of a sales website is to receive business. Without traffic, there are no customers and without customers, nothing is being sold and money is not being made. To increase traffic and sales to a sales website, there are just a few necessities that should be added to the website.

1. Introduction

All websites, especially sales websites, should include an introduction. The introduction is a necessity because it describes what the website is about, what types of products are being sold, and how the consumer can go about getting these products. An introduction should be informative with just the right details but should never be too long or too short. You should always stick with shorter sentences that get straight to the point instead of lengthy sentences with too much unnecessary information. The introduction on your sales website is what will interest the consumers in your products so it is important to make it sound good and convincing. Always run the introduction content through a spell checker before you post it on your website. Misspelled words never look good, especially on a sales website. Once you run your introduction through a spell check, you can place it on your website. Make sure that you use catchy phrases and write in a way that will grab the consumers’ attention. You may want to use bold text or even bright colored text for parts of your introduction. Creative introductions are appreciated and easily remembered by the customers, here is the example:

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2. Graphics/Images

A good sales page should always have graphics and images available for the consumers. The first reason for having these images is because consumers what to know what they are buying. A sales website is designed to display items that are being sold. This is why it would be pointless to not have graphics and images on a sales website. The consumer wants to know what the product looks like before they decide to spend money on something which is quite understandable. Another reason why it is very important to have images on a website is because it makes the website look more professional with an added personal touch. You should include images of all the products you sell and the products should be taken with a quality camera so that the consumers get the best possible image of the items or product being sold. If you cannot take pictures of the products yourself with a high quality camera, you may want to hire someone else to do it for you. As a last resort, you may be able to find stock photos online of the same exact products you sell. Here is an example:


3. Personal Information

As the creator of your very own sales website, you should include some personal information about yourself. You do not need to provide your personal telephone number or address. However, you should include information about who you are, what you do, and how you first got started with selling the products that you are selling. This adds a personal touch to your website which many consumers will be able to relate to. Consumers enjoy knowing exactly who they are doing business with before they decide to spend money out of their own pockets. You should also leave an e-mail address on your website for which you can be contacted. Consumers appreciate having the creator of a website answer questions and address concerns on a personal level. It shows that you don’t just care about making sales but that you actually care about the consumers and what they have to say or ask you.

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4. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are very much needed for a sales website. When creating your website, you should always include a section for frequently asked questions. In this section, you will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the type of product(s) you are selling. Having a section like this is mostly convenient for the consumers but it can be convenient for you, as the owner of a sales website, as well. It is convenient for the consumers because they will receive answers immediately to questions that they may have without having to send you a message and wait for a response which could end up taking several hours. It is also convenient for you because you can avoid having to answer repeated questions over and over that are often asked since the answers to those questions will be featured in this section instead. Most sales websites offer a frequently asked questions section.

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5. Layout

The layout, also known as a template, is an in important aspect of a sales website. Having a professional layout will draw in more consumers. If your sales website is a mess, all over the place, and very unorganized, consumers are not going to want to buy what you are selling. In fact, they will probably be skeptical about paying you for anything. If your layout looks professional and is neatly organized, consumers will more likely buy from your website. You can make your own website layout if you know the basics of HTML and CSS. However, if you have no idea how to create a layout or template, you may want to search online for available layouts that you can buy or receive for free.



As an individual who owns a sales website, it is your responsibility to make sure your website has everything it needs to truly catch the eye of the consumers. These top five features can make a difference between an average sales website and a superior sales website. In fact, after following these steps and making the necessary changes to your sales website, you will probably notice more traffic which will equal more sales on your part.



  • Avatar Obbop says:

    I agree.

    I have seen too many Web sites wanting my discretionary wealth, as meager as it is, leave me cold since there is no easily-found contact information, e-mail for contacting, etc.

    If I possessed the goods being sold, especially if I was making them, I would include my own phone number but also inform the caller on-line and on the message-taking device that the caller had reached my actual home and that the call would be returned and/or an e-mail would be sent.

    I suppose including the best hours to reach a live human would assist the potential buyer.

    Not everybody can incorporate a full-time service or possess the business amount for that capability but my efforts would, hopefully, add a certain level of “homeiness” that would hopefully make the buyer’s experience(s) a positive.

    As with the other pages offering advice on this site… helpful.

  • Avatar Removalists Melbourne says:

    Great information.

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