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Enhancing Your Website with phpBB Hosting

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Since being released in the year 2000, phpBB has been one of the most widely used bulletin board solutions on the market.  Today it stands alone at the top as the number one open-source forum software in the world.  While the platform has been greatly improved over the years, phpBB has always offered a powerful set of features such as private messaging, intuitive permission systems, search functionality, a customizable template and language system and support for popular databases.

Key phpBB Features

The phpBB forum software is loaded with features that appeal to administrators, moderators and end-users.  Some of the most noteworthy features include:

Private Messages

– Send messages to multiple recipients

– Send messages to groups

– Send BCCs (Blind Carbon Copies)

– Forward messages

– Export messages

– Friends list (address book)

– Attach files to private messages

– Private message drafts

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– Private message folders

– Private message filters

– Conversation view


– Limit registration attempts

– Set minimum and maximum login ID length

– Set minimum and maximum password length

– Regulate login ID characters

– Establish password complexity requirements

– Enforce password changes

– Enable and disable COPPA

– Allow and deny email address re-usage

Built-in Search Engine

– Search topics within the site

– Search within topics

– Search through multiple categories and forums

– Search within first post of a specific topic

– Enable search flood interval to reduce server load

– Search capabilities within backend database

Administrative Control Panel

– Enhanced interface with more accessible and flexible tab layout

– Modular system provides for easy extensibility

– Allow and deny access to various administrative functions

– Founder status bulletin board creation

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– New design for easier use

Moderator Control Panel

– Easy management of moderation queue

– Comprehensive lists of warnings and reports

– Forum, topic and post detail views


– Multiple options for each user

– Allow and deny vote changes


– Multiple group leaders

– Set display color specific group members

– Set group ranking

– Create group avatars

Profile View

– Comprehensive user statistics on profile view

– Usergroups on profile view

– Signature on profile view

Permissions System

– Enhanced and more flexible system

– Easy permissions via assigned roles

– Enhanced administrator and moderator access

– Global moderators

User Management

– Advanced user interface

– Modify user preferences

– Modify group memberships

– Display and edit all user attachments

– View permissions directly

Availability and Requirements

Incorporating a forum into your website is a great way to establish a community and encourage audience participation.  There are a number of programs that can help you achieve these goals and some of the best ones are of the open-source variety.  Being that the software has become so incredibly popular, most web hosting providers offer full support for phpBB.  Hosts that utilize cPanel as their control panel allow you to install the application right through Fantastico.  In just a few easy clicks, your website can be enhanced by one of the most powerful online bulletin board systems in the world.   All you need to run phpBB efficiently is a web server equipped with the PHP programming language and a supported database.  Although MySQL is the database used most often, the platform also supports database management systems such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, Firebird, OpenLink Virtuoso and several others.

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