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Following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

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The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 provides numerous parameters related to scripting. Unfortunately there are currently no tools that assist with the testing of how well a script adheres to these guidelines. However, there is one program currently in development that may overcome this issue: Snork.

The minimum requirements for using this software include Windows 95 or better and have at least Internet Explorer 5. Also, the installation of ScriptX (an ActiveX control) is mandatory. This gives scripts the ability to link to various events from different applications. For instance, it is possible to use JavaScript to monitor JavaScript.

To use the Snork tool, download it from the Internet and run Snork.wsf. This will open a copy of Internet Explorer at which point you must navigate to the specific URL you are looking to test. When you use a specific page, no links will be extracted. To view the actual report, enter “process:report” in the URL bar of your browser. If you are using an XML validator, enter “process:validate” in the bar. Each URL is added to a floating  bar at the top.

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For additional assistance, there is an example page that comes with the Snork pack. Do not visit the page with scripts enabled. There is also a subsequent report example that can be generated. There are a few scripting issues the Snork program currently tests for including:

  • Automatic location changes
  • DoubleClick event handlers
  • JavaScript protocol links
  • Content in alerts
  • Mailto forms
  • Onchange in specific boxes
  • The action being performed at specified time intervals
  • Statusbar text changing
  • onMouseOver devices
  • Automated window opening
  • No submit buttons on forms
  • The writing of content through the document.write command

There are many additions that need to be made to Snork. For instance, there is no support for iFrames. Also, there is a sole reliance on the Internet Explorer  for JavaScript and HTML processing. However, some of these proprietary scripts may have temporarily been removed for testing purposes.

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This is an extremely necessary scripting tool to provide an accurate measure of how well a script or website adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. As new builds and updates are released for Snork, additional useful features will be added to ensure consistency as the standards are upgraded and change. If you utilize scripting in your daily activities, this is an important tool to acquire to ensure compliance.


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