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Getting Started With Your SEO Strategy

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Have a brand new website that is not getting any attention? It’s probably because the site hasn’t been looked at through the eyes of SEO or search engine optimization.  Webmasters, professional and enthusiasts, have a great love for building unique personal websites. Often times though, the idea of getting better positioning in search engines its left to the way side and this brings up the concept of SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is simply a process of attempting to improve the overall visibility in search engines on the internet.  Each search engine has a slightly different algorithm that they employ to determine websites relevance in relation to a keyword or phrase searched for by a user.  This means that the approach of search optimization for each search engine is slightly different, but there are a set of core standards and approaches that are universal across them all.

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Why is SEO important?

Think of the search engines like a traditional phone book. If you’re hungry and want a pizza, you’ll look up in the yellow pages pizza companies.  Often times, without realizing it, you go for the flashiest ad on the page, when determining the company you’re going to order from.  What if you were a pizza company owner who didn’t appear in the phone book? Chances are you wouldn’t get a large volume of business considering the aforementioned example.  This is why optimization is so important.

If you, as a business owner, sell the next big thing and everyone you know loves it, that’s great. But if no one else knows about it or can’t find it with any ease, you’ll lose a tremendous amount of potential business and traffic.  If search engines are the phone book of the internet and you’re not in it, and not easy to find, you probably won’t get much business.  This makes SEO a critical task for any webmaster, or business owner with a website.

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Still not convinced? Consider This

A local restaurant opens up in your area.  The owner advertises on the television and in a few magazines every so often.  You decided to go out to eat at this new restaurant and you try to find the address on You search for the restaurant but nothing comes up. You try another search engine and again, nothing relevant comes up. How many times will you do this before you find another place to eat?

The bottom line is you need to spend some time learning about SEO and how it affects your website. SEO can make or break a website in the long run.


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