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H-Sphere: Possibly The Most Competent Control Panel

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It is hard to compete with popular names in the control panel industry like cPanel and Plesk, especially with the amount of web host’s that promote these control panels by default. However there is a competitor that can be compared to both of these control panels, yet many have never even heard of it; H-sphere. Although this software is not as popular as some of the top contenders, it certainly provides features that are just as appealing, if not more than what it’s competitors have to offer.

One attribute that makes H-sphere a greatly underrated control panel is it’s compatibility. H-sphere is compatible with all three of the major operating systems; Windows, Linux and Unix. H-sphere is also compatible with virtually all databases, including MSSQL PostgreSQL and MySQL. This compatibility has earned H-sphere a lot of recognition recently, and many are beginning to prefer it over the more popular control panels.

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Functionality and Compatibility Combined

One attribute of H-sphere that cannot be overlooked is it’s compatibility. Although the control panel can be used by virtually any novice, it is also packed with features, and can accommodate any server environment. The software is also compatible with all of the major payment gateways (over 30 to be exact) including PayPal. The tools that are included with H-sphere make designing and building your website a extremely simple and time efficient, and you can also write your own scripts for the software as well. H-sphere also gives you access to an integrated support module that let’s you contact your web hosting service provider with ease, without ever having to leave the administrative interface.

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Security and Reliability

H-sphere has also been shown to be more secure and reliable than all of the more popular control panels. Even though safety was a main focus of the developers, don’t underestimate H-sphere’s ability to accommodate the needs of multiple servers at once. Adding servers to the interface is also extremely simple.  Although it may take a little bit of time to learn your way around this control panel, you can rest assured that your site administration is completely secure at all times. Most novice users will find this control panel to be difficult to use, while the advanced webmasters will have more appreciation for the in-depth features of this control panel.  This is not to say that the novice user could not easily learn the software with the plethora of information that is included with the software.

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Is H-sphere for You?

Although H-sphere offers features that most control panels do not, this comes at a price. H-sphere is more expensive than other control panels for this reason, and is generally not recommended for small business with only one server to manage. If you’re looking for a basic control panel that will be extremely simple to use, then H-sphere is probably not for you. However, if you want the most competent and comprehensive control panel solution to manage multiple servers, then you may find H-sphere to be useful.


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