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Helpful Content Management Tools

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Many online businesses develop their own content management tools which meet their specific needs. However, over the past few years, there are a few companies that have released excellent content management software. This allows businesses to spend less money by hiring professionals to create proprietary content management systems. The commercial software can be tweaked to fit the needs of most organizations.

There are six exceptional content management tools that have been released by third-party software vendors. These include:

  • DynaBase
  • Egrail
  • Interwoven TeamSite
  • RedDot Web Content Management System
  • Typo3
  • Vignette Content Management

DynaBase is an advanced XML content management system featuring a user-friendly and file-based environment. The indexing is lightning fast and search capabilities are endless. DynaBase allows you to manage, use and reuse large amounts of new and old content from all areas of your organization. The software is designed to the specific needs of you company in an affordable manner.

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Egrail is a server-side content management system that interacts with automated data delivery software such as news feeds. Also, this solution will allow you to write the HTML for improved flexibility. The best aspect of the Egrail software is it is open-source and thus free to use.

TeamSite by Interwoven is a formidable enterprise content management system. As a result, the software is extremely expensive. This is considered to be one of the top content management tools due to the many features offered and the overall price.

RedDot Web Content Management System is an innovative tool as it allows you to edit documents directly to the internet. Therefore, no difficult coding of HTML or other web languages is needed. The program is excellent for access control.

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Typo3 is another open-source program that is free but powerful. It offers many of the same features as TeamSite without the cost. Typo3 offers extendibility and full flexibility packed with a plethora of premade functions, interfaces and modules.

Finally, Vignette Content Management system is enterprise software created for the organization of large companies. The software engages the capabilities of website content contributors as well as administrators regardless of skill level.

Each of these tools provides various features, some at a price; others are open-source mainly for large organizations. However, due to the cost, anyone can use the open-source software to complement their business. If you are considering improving your business, look to one of these six content management solutions.


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