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Web Designing with Joomla

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More people are emerging online to create websites and run their own businesses.  Web hosting technology has evolved to a state where designing has gotten much easier.  There are numerous tools for development from standard site builders to scripting languages and amazing page editors.  Those with more demands than the average turn to more powerful solutions such as the CMS.  When it comes to content management systems, one has been more highly acclaimed than any other – Joomla.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an award-winning CMS that gives you the power to create dynamic web-based applications and entire websites.  This software is regarded as one of the best open-source content management systems available, world renown for its ability to create anything from a simple website to more complex applications for high-powered corporations.  Thanks to web hosting technology, Joomla can be installed in a few easy clicks.  Best of all, this CMS is freely available to anyone.

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What You Get with a Joomla Site

The Joomla CMS is loaded with features, specifically designed for data-driven sites.  This system runs on a wide range of platforms including AIX, FreeBDS, Linux, Mac OS X Server and Solaris.  You can do a lot with Joomla such as editing and managing your products, services or news events and even allow contributing authors to create their own topic sections.  A Joomla site is fully customizable with hundreds of templates offering a variety of fun and professional themes.  This CMS supports a wide range of add-ons which enhances its functionality and the interactivity of your website.  Whether its creating forums and polls or assigning specific areas for your employees, Joomla can get it done.

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Administrative Powers

Joomla is a full CMS and gives you complete authority over your website.  Some of the administrative features include:

  • The ability to change the order of content such as articles, news and FAQs
  • Instant updates with a random newsflash generator
  • The ability to grant remote author submissions for articles, news, FAQs and links
  • Object hierarchy enables the creation of unlimited pages, sections and departments
  • Image library lets you store JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, DOC formats on the server
  • Automatic Path Finder enables Joomla too automatically repair links
  • Archive Manager allows you to conveniently store and organize older articles
  • News Feed Manager offers nearly 400 new feeds from around the web
  • Comprehensive page editor for easy web development
  • Template Manager allows you to download and implement templates in a few clicks
  • Real-time previews let you see how the site looks before it goes live
  • Banner Manager allows you to easily manage your affiliate and advertising campaigns
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One of the greatest attributes of Joomla is its user-friendliness.  With basic knowledge of a word editing program, the novice webmaster can excel with this CMS and create a dynamic site.  From the browser-based user interface you can manage the content of your staff, list products, post job listings, add news headlines and so much more.   Although it isn’t the most powerful solution as advertised, Joomla is very capable and able to greatly enhance your website.


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