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Hosting on a Budget: Discount Web Hosts

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When looking for a web host to provide service for your website needs, it’s easy to become overwhelmed comparing plan structures and prices.  It’s even more of a challenge to get the most bang for your buck, especially on a tight budget.  In order for you to make a cost-conscious decision, yet still ensure that you get the essential services you need, assess your website needs to secure a discount web host to meet your online demands.

What is Discount Web Hosting?

For thrifty entrepreneurs in search of an affordable web hosting service, many opt for a discount web hosting service.  A discount web host is one that costs less than $10 per month.  While it’s a fact that a discount host is limited in overall control and flexibility, however, for novices testing the waters of e-commerce or other online professional endeavors operating on a limited budget, discount web hosts are often the perfect solution.  Usually, discount web hosts are between the price ranges of $4 – $10 per month, and offers Window and Linux plans.  The price increases with the demand for additional disk space and bandwidth needs.

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What to Consider?

In addition to your website needs and budget, there are other factors to be taken into consideration before opting for a discount host.   Keep in mind the potential for growth of your online venture.  If you anticipate it to grow significantly within a year, then a discount host may not be the best option because there are limitations to site expansion.  Also, read the small print in the service agreement for any hidden applicable fees.  If you still have questions, contact customer support for answers to your questions.

Top Discount Hosts

Although there are numerous discount hosts, there are some that stand out from others including:

  • Yahoo! Web Hosting.  Not only is Yahoo! the leading global Internet brand and leading global business service, but it’s also the leading international supplier of web hosting needs for both online ventures and professional websites.  Yahoo! Web Hosting offers large amounts of disk space and data transfer, however, the easy-to-use software allows users with no prior experience to build a professional-looking website using SiteBuilder 2.0.  In addition, packages come complete with an e-mail management function including virus and spam protection with many available e-mail addresses.
  • 1&1 Web Hosting, the world’s largest web host with 8 million customer contracts tops the list at a close second.  The host’s success is due in large part to the $25 million the company recently invested in their data center.  The company also is preceded by its reputation; known for offering attractive products and prices as well as being reliable in providing “uncomplicated service.”  Packages start at $10.
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