How to Find a Secure Web Hosting Company

Running a successful website is a complex process that has to be learned over months of trial and error, and in many instances true monetary success is reached only after years of hard work and dedication. A lot of work is put into the creation and management of websites, especially sites that are designed to boost the sales of a particular product or service. Targeted market research and countless design revisions give birth to a final draft that is capable of bringing in residual traffic and income with little additional effort. However, once this goal is accomplished, it can only be sustained through a strict maintenance and supervision of the successful site. One of the most important aspects to consider  when trying to create continual results in a competitive niche is security, as it could be the difference between all or nothing.

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Finding the Right Web Hosting Company

There are literally hundreds of web hosting companies in the internet industry, with even thousands more being subsidiaries or resellers of these companies. Finding the right one can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack, as the meticulous process of elimination that occurs in the pursuit of  an optimal web hosting account can seem endless. There are review sites everywhere, and it seems as if everyone promises the same level of service and features – unlimited. While there are very few opinions online that can be trusted, there are forums in which you can find reliable information about the security practices of web hosting company.

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Testing Web Hosting Services

Although it is somewhat easy to find a reputable web hosting company, some companies rely upon the popularity of their brand to bring repeat business, instead of providing quality services. Thus it is imperative to test the security measures tat are used by your web hosting company. Obviously doing this without any expertise can be difficult if not impossible, so if you want to know if your web hosting company has what it takes to stand up against DDoS attacks then you can contract the help of a professional web security agency. This kind of service is generally recommended for larger corporations or companies.

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The Real Test

The ultimate test occurs when you have actually been using the web hosting company for a while and you have not experienced any server down time or lagging pages. This field testing will show whether or not your web hosting company is worth their weight in gold. If you consistently experience slow loading pages, and your site is showing errors when certain pages load, then it may be time to switch to a new hosting company.


Although it can be difficult to find a secure hosting company that lives up to their promises of unlimited functionality, they do exist, and can be found on many of the most popular web hosting forums.

One comment on “How to Find a Secure Web Hosting Company

  • mma training

    I will be going through the webhosting geeks site with a fine tooth comb. I’ve already checked out quite a few companies. I thought after trying 3 different hosting companies over the last few years that i had finally hit gold. A company with great support and pricing. Then they got their server hacked. they stopped answering the phone. My sites have been down for 5 days. months and months of hard work down the toilet. If I could afford firehost, I would use them but as it is, I’m limited to shared hosting. I can’t believe how much work i put into my MMA training site only to have it dissapear into the ether. I can only hope that I will find a way to get it back this week. My warning to everyone is check out security and ask the awkward questions of the hosting companies you consider.


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