Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Your E-commerce System

Many companies are moving their businesses online because of the potential the internet offers to move far beyond the traditional brick and mortar offerings and explore new markets.  Apart from the internet itself, there are many tools available to help effectively market your products or services and send your business soaring to new heights.  An e-commerce website is the key to your success, and a powerful retail management system like Microsoft Dynamics RMS can be that tool needed to propel your online store ahead of the competition.

What is Microsoft Dynamics RMS?

Microsoft Dynamics RMS is a software product that provides a robust, yet intuitive interface for administering all the business related needs of an online retailer.  It allows you to manage everything from point-of-sale systems to the centralized controlling of the multiple storefronts that make up your business.  Offering a built-in web integration tool, the software can easily be integrated with e-commerce shopping carts scripted in ASP.  When coupled with such a shopping cart, the extensive features of Microsoft Dynamics RMS allows you to leverage real-time data from your retail system to ensure that your customers are always up to date with the most recent products and services.

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Designing Your Storefront

The design of your store is critical when integrating a shopping cart with your retail management solution.  You may want to start out with a simple design and then make gradual upgrades as the demands of you and your customers increase.  Furthermore, take careful consideration to the overall presentation of your store and how it might appeal to potential customers.  For example, if you sell teens apparel or ring tones, you may want to choose a fun design targeting younger customers.  If you specialize in services and solutions geared towards IT professionals, it would probably be best to do away with all the flair and opt for something more professional.  Whatever you decide, find yourself an e-commerce system that can deliver the extensive customization options you need to support various types of stores.

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After getting your shopping cart and all the associated features together, it is time to integrate your store with the Microsoft Dynamics RMS software by using the integrator tool.  Once this process has been completed, the data from your retail management system will be automatically synchronized with your online store.  From here, you can access the administrative panel of your shopping cart and then make whatever changes that need to be made in regard to products, services or features.

Market Your Store

Just having a beautiful online store integrated with a dynamic retail management system will not make you an instant success.  In order to attract new customers, you will have to take a proactive approach and promote your store as you would any other business orientated site.  Therefore, you need to make sure your shopping cart offers search engine-friendly features that help you make the most of your keywords, URLs and meta tags.  Microsoft Dynamics RMS can provide the streamlined management facility you need to make an impact, but it is up to you to make your online store a success.

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