New CMS Software Worth Consideration

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New CMS Software Worth Consideration

The market for CMS programs has grown so large that keeping up with everything is virtually impossible.  Although most users tend to have their favorites, there is always a handful of other solutions that warrant a closer look.  In this article we will discuss some of the latest content management tools trying to make a name for themselves.  These particular applications appear to be very capable and could be worth at least a test drive.


The Typeroom CMS is actually available in two versions: Typeroom Pro and Typeroom Lite.  These two offer some of the inline editing features that have become highly sought after in CMS products over the last few years.  Instead of logging into your site and being directed to a mysterious back-end administrative interface, you simply remain at your primary site and add the content from there.  A mini editor can be accessed from the bottom your screen, allowing you to edit and manage your content in real-time.  The major difference between the Typeroom versions is that the Pro edition is a hosted, fully functioning CMS, while Lite requires you to host the software on your own server.  It also lacks some of the features and control the Pro versions offers.  Typeroom Lite is free and Typeroom Pro requires a monthly fee.

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Get Simple CMS

While Get Simple CMS doesn’t really offer technology we haven’t seen before, it is very efficient at content creation and management.  A comprehensive WYSIWYG editor makes page management a breeze and uploaded files can be incorporated with ease.  Pages can even be arranged in hierarchy for streamlined organization.  Get Simple CMS is limited in comparison to other solutions, but it seems as if the developers would prefer it that way as it was originally made to build 5 to 10 page brochure sites.  The most significant drawback to this CMS is that it does not offer features to create a blog or news section, which is what many users are after these days.  Get Simple CMS is freely available under the GNU GPL so it can be customized to meet your needs.

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Firerift just may be the most impressive CMS in our list.  It offers an attractive interface that makes it easy to create blog posts, upload various types of media, and even a lifesteam module by default.  Firerift is a rather unique CMS that stores data in a databases, but then uses JSON to pull it out and put content on the page.  While its creators boast that the use of template languages is not required, this isn’t necessarily true.  In order to get the most out of customization, you need use CSS to specify the data you want extracted from the database.  The downside to Firerift is that the product is still fairly new so there isn’t a lot of documentation on it right now.  The good thing is that it is a premium product that comes with exceptional support.  On top of that, the system is intuitive to the point where you shouldn’t have much trouble figuring it out.

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