Content Management with Post Nuke

Open-source content management systems are available by the masses and getting hold of one is no difficult task.  While there are many systems to choose from, few of them offer the power and user-friendliness of Post Nuke.

What is Post Nuke?

Post Nuke began as a fork of the original PHP Nuke CMS.  The project was initiated because many of its users believed the development environment should be more open and demographic.  Users realized that the only way to achieve this was to create their own CMS.  Post Nuke has grown and stands on its own merits apart from PHP Nuke.  Fully modular and capable of running on both Apache and IIS web servers, this CMS offers a wide range of benefits to anyone who interacts with the software.

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Benefits of Post Nuke

Cost-effective – Released under the GPL license, Post Nuke is an open-source application that can be used, modified and distributed for free.  The software can be downloaded from online and easily incorporated into your hosting environment.

Easy to Use – Post Nuke is the ultimate CMS, providing a way to easily create and maintain a large community website.  Users can post comments, share messages internally, publish news articles, search the site by word or phrase and much more.

Access Control – The Post Nuke CMS offers a Permissions Control feature that lets certain users access specific areas based on settings made by the website administrator.  This same feature also provides the ability to create a subscriber-based site where users are given additional administrative privileges.

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Flexibility – With Post Nuke, administrators can control the look and feel of a website through the software’s comprehensive, flexible theme system.  Those with a basic knowledge of HTML can instantly enhance the presentation of their site without needing to code with PHP.

Fast and Efficient – Post Nuke comes with a built-in catching system that results in a high-performance website that offers excellent value to the end-user.

W3C Compliant – The Post Nuke system is well designed and in accordance with W3C guidelines.  This allows visitors to get the most out of a Post Nuke website from their browser.

Efficient Banner System – An integrated banner module makes it easy for affiliates to keep up with click counts and activity for their banner ads placed on a Post Nuke website.

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Quality Support – One of the greatest attributes of Post Nuke is that the software is supported by a large community of developers and users across the world.  These people make sure that bugs and problems are addressed and fixed quickly.  You will find many Post Nuke forums around the web where active users offer tips to help out the user community.

Development for Post Nuke ceased in 2007 but it still remains one of the most widely used content management systems on the open-source market.  The software is robust, feature-rich and easier to use than most other systems.  The only downside is that with the halt in development, finding a web host that supports Post Nuke may be harder than before.

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