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Web Hosting with PHP-Nuke

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When searching for a web host, you need to look for much more than storage space and bandwidth.  The overall quality of service is critical and should include around the clock support, tight security and redundant backups.  Aside from that, a host should be able to provide you with tools that add ease to the tasks of building and administering your site.  There are several programs that will help you accomplish this; a dynamic CMS named PHP-Nuke is one of them.

What is PHP-Nuke?

PHP-Nuke began as a fork of a news portal called Thatware.  The software grew to popularity very quickly and has spawned various systems of its own including PostNuke, DragonFly CMS and Xoops.  Though primarily used for automated news publishing, PHP-Nuke is a full content management system capable of creating dynamic websites for many purposes.  Its main initiative is to allow webmasters to create huge online communities where moderators and users can post content and make comments.  The core of PHP-Nuke is packed with features and numerous add-ons are available to enhance its functionality.

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The PHP-Nuke CMS is scripted entirely in the PHP programming language.  In order to function, it requires server components that support the language such as Apache and an SQL database like MySQL or Postgre SQL.  Under the GNU General Public License, the source code of PHP-Nuke can be freely distributed and modified.  The latest version, 7.5, is the first to come with a $10 download charge.  Depending on the web host, you could get this amazing CMS as a part of your monthly hosting plan.

PHP-Nuke for News

PHP-Nuke comes included with various modules.  One you are most likely to try first is the News module.  This component allows you to place news items in different categories and automatically sorts them by date on your homepage.  Another module is for archiving which enables easy indexing by users and the search engines.  When site members submit their content, you have the final say on which articles are approved and can manage the entire process from a simple administrative panel.

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Whether you want to publish news and articles or simply a huge site for your business, PHP-Nuke can help you get it done.  Here are some of the features:

Advertising – Easy management of your advertising campaigns with support for HTML, JavaScript and Flash

Encyclopedia – A robust module for managing terms, phrases and their definitions

Forums – Simple implementation and management of discussion forms

Members List – Displays a full list of all the members on your site

Search Engine – Allows users to easily find content on your site

News Submission – A simple form that allows users to submit news and articles to your site

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Private Messaging – Allows members to communicate or block out other members

Avantgo – Service that offers a mobile version of your last 10 published articles


On its own, PHP-Nuke is a dynamic CMS capable of building amazing websites.  With the aid of add-on modules, the system is greatly enhanced with twice the power.  If a thriving online community is something you are after, you stand to benefit tremendously from a web host that offers or supports this software.


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