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An Overview of Xoops CMS

Content management systems allow a webmaster to expand their website considerably, without the added stress of organizing the process manually. The greatest aspect of these content management systems is that they are user-friendly to the extent that even the most novice webmaster can master them within a few short hours.  One content management system that […]

Recent Happenings on the Open-Source CMS Market

The open-source community always seems to be quite busy so it should be no surprise that many new CMS projects are in the works.  Here are a few platforms and vendors that have recently been making noise in this vibrant segment of the software industry. DotNetNuke September was a very busy month for the DotNetNuke […]

Fantastico: cPanel’s Best Kept Secret

It is clear to see why cPanel is the leading control panel software.  The intuitive GUI results in ease of use while the rich set of features offers functionality that extends benefits to server administrators, resellers and end-users alike.  Indeed, cPanel has many qualities and one of its greatest attributes is Fantastico. What is Fantastico? […]

Meet the Xoops CMS

The introduction of more powerful web development tools has increasingly led webmasters away from simple website builders to robust content management systems.  These programs enable the creation of dynamic, feature-rich content with the ability to power everything from thriving social networking communities to corporate portals.  Many people have the belief that using a CMS requires […]

The CMS Drives the Hosting Industry

Considering the opportunities the internet offers and heavy competition across multiple industries, the simple website that may have sufficed years ago is no loner enough for today’s online business owner.  As content is the major key to generating traffic, the CMS has become one of the hottest commodities in the web hosting business. More commonly […]

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