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An Overview of Xoops CMS

Content management systems allow a webmaster to expand their website considerably, without the added stress of organizing the process manually. The greatest aspect of these content management systems is that…

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Fantastico: cPanel’s Best Kept Secret

It is clear to see why cPanel is the leading control panel software.  The intuitive GUI results in ease of use while the rich set of features offers functionality that…

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Meet the Xoops CMS

The introduction of more powerful web development tools has increasingly led webmasters away from simple website builders to robust content management systems.  These programs enable the creation of dynamic, feature-rich…

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Web Hosting with PHP-Nuke

When searching for a web host, you need to look for much more than storage space and bandwidth.  The overall quality of service is critical and should include around the…

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The CMS Drives the Hosting Industry

Considering the opportunities the internet offers and heavy competition across multiple industries, the simple website that may have sufficed years ago is no loner enough for today’s online business owner. …

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Meet the CMS Lineup

A content management system or CMS, is a program many developers use to create and edit web pages.  This can all be done on-the-fly as it is essentially an application…