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Meet the Xoops CMS

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The introduction of more powerful web development tools has increasingly led webmasters away from simple website builders to robust content management systems.  These programs enable the creation of dynamic, feature-rich content with the ability to power everything from thriving social networking communities to corporate portals.  Many people have the belief that using a CMS requires that you to have programming skills and vast technical knowledge.  However, this isn’t necessarily true, especially when working with a user-friendly software package known as Xoops.

What is Xoops?

Short for eXtensible Object Orientated Portal System, Xoops is an open-source content management system that is free to use, modify and redistribute.  Power and ease of use makes it an ideal tool for creating data-driven community sites of all sizes.  Many developers use Xoops to create blogs, corporate intranet sites and content-rich information portals.  The major draw of this software is that it enables fast, simple management for whatever task is required.  The Xoops CMS is largely supported on the web hosting market.  All you need is a provider equipped with the Apache web server, PHP and an SQL database, preferably MySQL.  .

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Xoops Features

Xoops is integrated with a number of features to simplify content management and enhance functionality.  Some of the most common features include:

Advance Access Control – As an administrator, Xoops give you the ability to grant access rights to certain groups of users.  You can allow them to access specific content and features such as publishing their own content and uploading files.

Module Administration – Like many open-source content management systems, Xoops can be greatly enhanced through a wide variety of add-on modules.  These add-ons can be installed, uninstalled, enabled and disabled directly from the intuitive module administrative system.

Xoops modules offer the following capabilities:

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Personalization – Xoops gives you the ability to set permissions for specific users, providing you with control of all the individual elements they are able to access on your website.

User Management – Through user management, you can search for your users by a multitude of criteria, allow them to send email and private messages to other users via a template-based messaging system.

International language support – Xoops is supported by a large group of developers and users.  The project has numerous support sites all over the web for users who speak various languages.  The software itself offers support for multiple languages.  Some include Chinese, Korean and Japanese to name a few.

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Customizable interface – Xoops uses a theme-based template systems that allows you to instantly enhance the presentation of your site.  What is so unique about this CMS is that it lets both you and your users change the look of web pages by choosing from a wide range of available themes.

Optimization – Xoops supports many add-ons to help make your site more search engine-friendly.  These modules better the chances of your meta tags, title tags and URLs being recognized and indexed by the search engine spiders.

Xoops has won several awards for its power, straightforwardness and support for multiple languages.  This CMS is easy to find and incorporate as it can typically be installed directly from your control panel software.


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