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Indexing Flash Websites by Search Engines

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A web design and advertising company PizzazzWeb recently released their pioneering content management system for Flash-based websites. The system makes it easy for users to create, organize, manage and publish content for a Flash site. At the same time, the system makes the content readable by search engine indexing bots.

Statement from the CEO of PizzazzWeb

The CEO of PizzazzWeb recently stated that Flash offers an interactive experience allowing online companies to present their products and services in a unique fashion. This is specifically the point of search engine optimization and online branding. Most business websites contain a Flash banner that allows the visitor to interact directly with the website.

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An Overview of the CMS

The new solution for the web provides the usual content to search bots while making it easy for webmasters to add new pages, menus, videos, pictures, search engine optimization and text. In the past, Flash websites have been hampered by search directors as a result of their inability to read the content.

No Technical Knowledge Required

PizzazzWeb CMS is revolutionary because the content provider does not need to be familiar with Flash, CSS or HTML to successfully create and publish information. Any reliable web host can handle this kind a website. Therefore, the provider can focus solely on SEO strategy and optimizing the content for search engine web bots to index the information and determine relevance.

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Developing in Flash

Once a website is developed in Flash, the content management system handles all other aspects. However, for organizations to take advantage of the system, the site must be developed utilizing Flash components created by PizzazzWeb. This indicates that users cannot create their own content and install the system. The user must update content from media to text and then the content management system forms the changes and makes them readable to the crawling bot.

Using the Wizard

Luckily, there is a wizard that walks users through all aspects of the system. Also, all updates can be completed using the wizard. Other topics covered by the help is a walkthrough of the entire updating process, creating and deleting pages, changing a line of text and much more. Also, all functions can be accomplished utilizing menus and property panels.

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This is an amazing new tool that is certain to assist many webmasters with creating incredible-looking websites that are also recognized by major search engines. In the near future, look for many new Flash-based websites, that are appealing and fully interactive, to appear in search engine results.


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