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An Overview of Xoops CMS

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Content management systems allow a webmaster to expand their website considerably, without the added stress of organizing the process manually. The greatest aspect of these content management systems is that they are user-friendly to the extent that even the most novice webmaster can master them within a few short hours.  One content management system that is particularly user-friendly is the Xoops (eXtensible Object Orientated Portal System).

Xoops is a free and open-source content management system.  It’s ease of use and feature-rich interface make it highly suitable for novice webmasters looking to enhance their website’s content quickly and easily. Xoops is also used by professionals to create corporate business websites and blogs. All that is needed to enjoy the power of Xoops is an Apache web server, MySQL and PHP. There are so many features that come with Xoops, it is hard to pin-point all of them within one article, but nonetheless the following overview will give you an idea of what you can expect when using this robust content management system.

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The Control of Xoops

Xoops provides complete control of every administrative element, giving you the ability to set limits and grant access rights with certain users. This will allow you to keep bothersome users from posting irrelevant or obscene content. With Xoops you are the boss of your domain. Xoops also provides theme-based template systems that give users the ability to enhance their websites overall design. One extremely impressive and unique feature of Xopps is that it allows you and your users to change the design of web pages, depending upon the permissions granted to that user.

The Freedom of Xoops

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As Xoops is an open-source software, it can be enhanced with as many add-ons and modules as you’d like, and over time a good programmer can turn this already incredible software into an unbelievable content management system. All modules and add-ons can be enabled, disabled, installed, and uninstalled through the extremely user-friendly module administration system. Xoops also offers extensive user management, allowing webmasters to locate certain groups of users via a wide array  search criteria. Webmasters can also let users send private messages and email through an easy-to-use template based messaging module.

The Flexibility of Xoops

Xoops is also supported by many users and developers worldwide. With programmers and developers that span across the  globe and countless supportive websites in just about ever major language, it is easy to see why the popularity of Xoops has exploded so quickly. Not only is their multi-lingual  support groups, but the program itself is also multi-lingual supporting many languages including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese among others. Xoops is also ideal for the webmaster looking to enhance their search engine optimization, as there are numerous compatible SEO enhancing plugins available. Using these add-ons will have your site indexed at a higher page ranking with ease, and it will make the process of search engine optimization extremely simple. Xoops has already won multiple CMS awards due to it’s amazing features, ease of use and extensive multi- lingual support.


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