Enhanced CMS Security with Secure Live

Most people would be content by just getting through the typical work day with as few annoyances as possible.  If your job or business involves maintaining a CMS and working over the internet, you would probably welcome all the small annoyances in the world rather than dealing with the security problems that frequently occur in this environment.  Content management systems, both open-source and commercial, are major targets for cyber hackers.  This is especially true when the platform contains sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account information and other confidential details that could result in big trouble if it fell into the wrong hands.  If you want a peace of mind that allows you to sleep soundly at night, investigating a CMS security tool like Secure Live could be well worth it.

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What is Secure Live?

Most add-ons and plugins in general are specific to a particular CMS.  This is not the case with a diverse security tool known as Secure Live.  Secure Live is a robust combination of a software tool and a real-time, live monitoring service that provides added security for content-rich websites.  Though primarily used to beef up the security of Joomla websites, it also offers modules for other open-source applications, including e107, Magento and WordPress.  Secure Live also supports most site based exclusively on the PHP programming language and plans to offer support for the Drupal CMS in the very near future.

Key Features

The biggest draw to Secure Live is that it provides critical security services such as blocking, alerting and even reporting when your website has been attacked.  It offers the ability to monitor an entire network of sites as a single unit, accurately and quickly updating each individual client as new attacks are identified.  Here are some of the ways Secure Live helps you respond to attacks on your CMS:

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– Sends notification of attack to the serve administrator.

– Captures information that can help track down the attacker.  This includes geo-tracking, attack strings and other important details that could possibly be used to identify the perpetrator.

– Notifies Secure Live security staff about the attacks.  The staff then files a report and sends evidence of the exploit to the appropriate parties so they can take action against the attackers.

– Sends alerts to all Secure Live client applications to automatically modify security settings in case the attacker attempts to exploit other systems.


Secure Live isn’t necessarily cheap, but an adequate security system shouldn’t be.  All it takes is one pesky hacker to put you in a situation where you are forced to pay fines and suffer legal repercussions because your website was compromised.  Although Secure Live is not an all-in-solution that will put an end to your security concerns, it is a premium product that gives you what you paid for and then some.  It is a very sophisticated system that can help you act fast enough to shut the bad guys down and keep them out of CMS.  The best thing about Secure Live is that it can grow right along with your site as threats evolve and become more severe.

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2 comments on “Enhanced CMS Security with Secure Live

  • Fred Sarhadi

    In response to the previous post:

    Although a dedicated server affords you the luxury of hardening the server to meet your specific demands, it is still no match against a Security SYSTEM. A SYSTEM is a designed mechanism with the multiple purposes to deal with and eradicate intruders.

    You will still require external layers of security to combat multiple entry points and workarounds that your server will is not equipped to anticipate or block.
    However, you may consider looking at SecureLiveHosting.com for a combination of these in hosted environment that utilized REAL software protection against intruders.

  • managed hosting

    Thanks for this very informative post. I am in the process of setting up a new website and am pondering what hosting to get. Based on what you have written I am going to go with the dedicated hosting as this gives me the required security, privacy and flexibility I require.

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