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Static HTML Pages vs CMS Generated Sites

Web development is an essential aspect of the internet industry, being directly responsible for the origin of user-friendly interfaces that we enjoy on a daily basis. There are many ways…

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The Advantages of WordPress 3.0

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, if not the most popular, with tens of thousands of devout users and hundreds of new people…

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Customizing Your Content Management System

Building and maintaining a website efficiently requires the utilization a variety of tools, resources and skill sets. Without access to the proper software, every menial task can become a difficult…

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Enhanced CMS Security with Secure Live

Most people would be content by just getting through the typical work day with as few annoyances as possible.  If your job or business involves maintaining a CMS and working…

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Textpattern: The Text-Friendly CMS

In World Wide Web years, TextPattern is a mature CMS that has been around in alpha and beta versions since 2001 and finally distributed under the GNU GPL in 2004. …