The Advantages of WordPress 3.0

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, if not the most popular, with tens of thousands of devout users and hundreds of new people joining the community each month. If you have been looking for a simple solution to manage your web site then you have probably heard about WordPress, but have you considered WordPress 3.0.

Why the Delay?

There has been a lot of mystery surrounding this new edition of WordPress, with many people wondering exactly what new features will be introduced. WordPress 3.0 was set to be released on May 1st, however the official release was delayed until June due to some bugs. To prevent any unnecessary upgrades the WordPress development crew has created one of the best versions of WordPress to date, without completely changing what everyone loves about this content management system, its simplicity.

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What is the Future of WordPress?

The graphical interface of WordPress is expected to stay relatively similar, with the only major difference being the incredibly improved functionality. The WordPress development team at is doing everything within their power to keep WordPress the most popular CMS available by extending its capabilities even more through the development of the WordPress API, plugins, Codex, and theme directories. The goal is to make the software more compatible and easier to deal with for both the developer and the end user. In basic terms, you should expect the most powerful content management system available for free, with a seemingly unlimited library of plugins, and an exponential growth in interest amongst independent plugin developers.

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What are The Major Improvements of WordPress 3.0?

At first glance it can be difficult to discover the major improvements of WordPress 3.0, primarily because the improvements are being made below the surface, where only a developer can see. This doesn’t mean that there are no new added benefits for the end user, in fact it means there will be more improvements to come for many years. By making it easy for developers t work with WordPress and improve it, the WordPress team is essentially growing their network of WordPress builders to bring you what will eventually be the best possible content management system available. Expect more plugins, more themes, and more functionality in all. The WYSIWYG editor is expected to be drastically improved, making it easier for web site owners to manage page formatting and other important aspects of content creation.

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Although the major differences between previous versions of WordPress and WordPress 3.0  are not readily apparent, they will become more pronounced as the year passes and more plugins are introduced with the new WordPress framework. With each upgrade WordPress users have come to expect more functionality and greater capabilities, and WordPress 3.0 has lived p to these expectations and more by reshaping the way the program works as a comprehensive and robust content management system.

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