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TERMINALFOUR Wins GBP 100,000 Content Management Deal

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Industry-leading web content management company, TERMINALFOUR, recently announced it has won a GBP 100,000 contract to provide its system to Manchester Metropolitan University. This deal is the 75th university client across the world.

Information about Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University had over 52,000 undergraduate student applicants for Fall 2011. The university is spread across seven campuses with main locations in Manchester and Cheshire. The school delivers over 1,000 courses to over 36,000 students across the United Kingdom. To accommodate the increasing online demands for students and faculty, the university’s collection of websites was reviewed.

TERMINALFOUR’s Site Manager Uses

As a result, TERMINALFOUR was selected to implement its primary product, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager to fulfill the university’s website content management requirements. This system will be primarily used to support the maintenance and future development of 100 websites while replacing the outdated system that is currently being used.

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TERMINALFOUR Site Manager should eliminate the complexities of website publishing with eliminating systematic bottlenecks commonly found within operational and administrative functions. The system is easy-to-use and customizable which will give students greater interaction and create a much better online experience.

TERMINALFOUR’s Portfolio of Universities

In the past year, 12 new North American universities have signed up for TERMINALFOUR’s system. Therefore, the Site Manager now powers some of the most prestigious institutional websites in the world. TERMINALFOUR’s portfolio consists of the UCD in Ireland, University of Virginia in the United States, Rhodes University in South Africa and St. Andrews in the United Kingdom.

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Statement from Manchester Metropolitan University

The New Media Manager of Manchester Metropolitan University released a statement recognizing that TERMINALFOUR understands the needs of higher learning institutions, especially large universities. Their portfolio, credentials and experience have made them the perfect candidate for this contract.

Statement from the CEO of TERMINALFOUR

The Chief Executive Officer of TERMINALFOUR also released a statement recognizing that Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the most progressive educational institutions in Europe. Therefore, for the company to acquire this contract is a major endorsement of their product and reputation.

TERMINALFOUR has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager was specifically developed for higher education. The software improves the process of creating, flowing and delivering information in a structured environment. The company continues to improve its reputation amongst institutions of higher education with their innovative products and services.


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